A large plot of land is for sale, with a total area of ​​more than 21 600 hectares, of various forms of ownership and ownership.

The first part belongs to a joint-stock company, where a share of 65.8% of shares in a joint-stock company is sold, which belongs to the Tikhvin district, Leningrad region – land plots with an area of ​​20 539 hectares or 51 348 acres are in permanent use (a transitional form of land ownership from a state enterprise to a private own).
Agricultural land from which a forest grew on 18 485 hectares and the land plot belongs to the forest fund; on 2 054 hectares, small bushes (agricultural land) appeared for growing crops and forage grasses.

The joint-stock company includes 9 real estate objects and a silo trench.

Dormitory – 435 square meters.
Feed warehouse – 960 square meters.
Herbal flour warehouse – 992 square meters.
Unfinished office building 2 181 square meters.
Auto weighing room – 34 square meters.
Wooden residential building – 82 square meters.
Wooden residential building – 164 square meters.
Warehouse – 97 square meters.
Office – 429 square meters.
The total area is about 5 500 square meters, partly in a ruined state. The land plots under the buildings are under long-term lease with a total area of ​​about 6 hectares in populated areas.

Two private individuals own 65.8% of the shares in the joint stock company and also own the following assets:
Agricultural land plot of 250 hectares or 625 acres, as well as the following buildings:
The pumping station building is 17 square meters.
The carpentry shop building is 231 square meters.
The sawmill building is 179 square meters.
Garage – 642 square meters.
The control room building is 77 square meters.
Outpatient clinic – 67 square meters.
Cattle feeding farm 1 499 square meters.
Cattle feeding farm 1 499 square meters.
Cattle feeding farm 1 305 square meters.
Veal barn – 1 305 square meters.
Veal barn – 1 297 square meters.
Two hay trenches.
The total number of buildings is 11, with a total usable area of ​​more than 8 100 square meters, and there are 4 land plots under the buildings, with a total amount of residential land of 2.6 hectares.
Park of agricultural machinery for the production of hay for sale.
It is possible to arrange a long-term lease of more than 800 hectares from the state, as the legal successor of a collective farm since the times of the USSR.

At the beginning of the year, private individuals who had agricultural machinery and cows closed their activities, mandatory work is being carried out on fire-prevention mowing of grass near roads and buildings. The joint-stock company also does not carry out any agricultural work, so it is essentially no longer a working enterprise.

The estimated value of all assets of the 100% owned business is estimated at $6 million. Two owners owning 65.8% of the shares or 2/3 of the share capital are ready to sell their part not at the estimated value of 4 million dollars, but at a discount of 40%.

The sale price is US$ 2 400 000.

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