AGRO estate for sale 110 km from Moscow along the Kiev Highway, in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Kaluga region.
The facility is fenced and has a land plot of 8.5 hectares, surrounded by mixed forest, there is a guest house with an area of ​​1,780 sq.m., a restaurant, a swimming pool. Agricultural buildings for keeping animals: cowshed, poultry house, rabbitry, pigsty, sheepfold. All premises are equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation, water supply, heating, an automatic animal watering system and video surveillance. The administrative building contains an office, a repair shop and accommodation for staff in comfortable conditions. A dairy shop building for storing and processing milk, a cheese factory and a cheese ripening chamber. All buildings are gasified. A greenhouse measuring 22 by 7 meters with a vegetable shop and the possibility of year-round operation. Auxiliary buildings: underground vegetable storage 12 by 12 meters, a feed workshop building for storing and processing feed, a shed for storing hay and haylage 12 by 12 meters, a beekeeper’s house for caring for the apiary, storing equipment and honey. On the territory there is a pond 70 by 30 meters, with the possibility of use for both swimming and fish breeding. Russian bathhouse, wood-burning steam room, relaxation room and living room. At the moment, cows, sheep, pigs, and various poultry are kept. The territory allows the development of an additional direction of the tourism business – glamping. By purchasing an AGRO estate, you will provide yourself and your children with environmentally friendly and natural products.

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