Making hay in the field

Land for sale in the Saratov region with a total area of ​​5,000 hectares (12,500 acres). The grain yield this year amounted to 19 centners per hectare, as this year there was almost no rain in the region. The average selling price of winter wheat was $ 150 per ton. The average yield of this site is 20-25 centners per hectare, if you do not apply fertilizers, with good soil cultivation, the agrarians of neighboring farms achieve a yield of 30-40 centners per hectare. The proposed land plots have not been cultivated for about ten years, but the fields are not very overgrown and practice shows on such lands, after the start of agricultural work, they get very good yields in the first year, without fertilizing up to 35 centners per hectare, when applying the crop and not in a dry summer until 50 centners per hectare. Now, out of 5,000 hectares, only 500 hectares are cultivated for grain, and hay is mowed for another 2,000 hectares.

Field map:
2167 hectares;
1000 hectares;
93 hectares;
450 hectares;
192 hectares;
900 hectares;
200 hectares.

The selling price of this plot is $ 99 per hectare or $ 40 per acre. The object is sold completely without the possibility of dividing it into smaller plots.

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