Are there Farms in Russia?

The fertile farmlands are quite numerous in Russia. That is why peasant farming is also developed. This way of conducting business has many advantages in comparison with other areas of production.

  1. 1. A wide range of activities. At the same time, you will be able to grow any vegetables and fruits, process and reprocess products, grow birds and cattle, engage in fishing, etc.
  2. 2. State support. The provision of land, simplified lending, tax benefits, and so on. However, a lot depends on the region where the land plot is located.
  3. 3. The demand for products. The demand for natural and environmentally friendly products is growing every year. And markets are not limited to the territory of the country; you can sell your goods abroad.

Starting a business in this area is relatively easy. You can even buy an operating enterprise by investing in its activities. We will find a profitable business, conduct its audit, select the land plot, and prepare all the documents.

How does State Support Farms in Russia?

Funds for maintaining peasant farms are allocated from the federal budget. There even exists a special program to support this area of business. It is supposed to last until 2020. Within the framework of this program, farms receive a number of benefits at the initial stage, and even more loyal conditions for the future are offered to them.

If a foreign citizen is going to open a farm in Russia, it is necessary to receive citizenship first, or invest in business that is already in operation. In this way, a non-resident will have the opportunity to take advantage of the government grants for the development of a peasant farm. Within the framework of such financial support, the following is offered:

  • allocating funds for opening of the peasant farm and the provision of the necessary facilities to it;
  • paying for house construction or its purchase;
  • supporting other types of targeted use of funds.

Farmers are being helped in other ways as well. One of the most profitable methods is subsidizing. The money here is provided for the following needs:

  • payment of the first installment when leasing agricultural equipment;
  • 60% compensation for opening a livestock business;
  • assistance in purchasing equipment for housekeeping and other purposes.

The cost of registering the land plots is also compensated. The expenses for cadastral works are covered under a simplified procedure, and their cost is replenished from the budget (50% from the local budget and 50% from the federal one).

For the most part, state support is provided on a competitive basis. And in each region, the types of incentives for the development of peasant farming may differ. Some grants are issued by non-state enterprises. But most of all, Russian farmers appreciate low taxes.

Benefits include the abolition of property tax. The activities of some categories of farmers fall under the zero income tax rate. The VAT rate is reduced as well. And peasant farms even function with a special tax regime (its rate is 6%).

We will help to deal with the other peculiarities of farm operations in Russia, select the appropriate land, and achieve the administration of benefits.