Farms and land for sale in Russia

Russian farmland

Our company provides services for the sale of land and farms in Russia, as well as consultancy and full cycle assistance on real estate business in agricultural industry.

Land for sale from $80 per acre: Farmland Listings

Land for Sale in Russia

Experts of our company offer the foreign citizens a full range of services for the purchase and sale of land in Russia. You will save more than you pay!

  • Land for farm animal production and agriculturally used areas;
  • Land for residential construction, warehousing and processing of agricultural products;
  • Simultaneous purchase of small land plots from several owners in order to form large tracts of land;
  • Search for investment land plots. Managing investment assets;
  • Advices on the choice of the region, pricing and effective area of plots;
  • Checking a land for the presence of pledges, charges and land disputes;
  • Legal support of sales transactions. Protection of property rights of foreign citizens.

Sale of Farms and Agrarian Business in Russia

We will help you find the existing business you need, conduct its audit, achieve the best price and issue a purchase and consummate the purchase and sale transaction.

  • Operating cattle farms;
  • Growers of agricultural produces;
  • Farm product processors;
  • Redemption of shares in the high-impact business.

agricultural business

Creation of Agrarian Business in Russia

We will create an agricultural, manufacturing or trading company for your needs. We will render assistance in engagement of staff, the purchase of equipment and start-up of business.

  • Crop plants production;
  • Cattle farms;
  • Growing and processing of medicinal plants;
  • Farm product processing;
  • Engrossment of farm products for export from Russia;
  • Creating a marketing network for the importing and selling of your products in Russia;
  • Creation of agrotourism and ethno-tourism companies, as well as hunting entities.

Management of agricultural enterprises, the development of your business and protection of property rights of the foreign citizens.

agricultural export

Support for Import and Export of Agricultural Products

  • Analysis of the possibilities for the sale of your goods for the farming industry in Russia;
  • Legal support for the procurements of farm products to Russia;
  • Creating a marketing network for your products;
  • Ensuring the procurement of farm products in Russia. Preparation the proper documentation for the export of goods. Logistics. Forwarding of goods for export.

Marketing Services

  • Report generation on individual industries of Russian agriculture;
  • Analysis of pricing and market potential;
  • Development of business plans for the setting up of agrarian business in Russia, obtaining loans and the state support.

Legal Services

  • Legal support of your business in Russia;
  • Registration of agricultural and commercial enterprises;
  • Creation of a database of contracts for conduct of business;
  • Conduct of negotiations and formation of contracts on your terms and on your behalf;
  • Legal representation in courts and government agencies;
  • Protection of property rights of foreign citizens.

registration of land

Do You know:
  • Tax for agricultural companies in Russia only 6%;
  • The cost of 1 hectare of fertile land at wholesale purchase (with our help) can be below $250;
  • More than 20% of agricultural land in Central Russia belongs to foreign investors;
  • Russia ranks second in the world after the US in the number of migrants coming;
  • Profitability of agricultural business above 30% per annum.

The head office of the company is located in Moscow.

Our experts are present in the following cities: Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Simferopol and Feodosia.

In other cities the works are performed by the travelling experts.