Can a Foreign Citizen Buy a House in Russia?

In Russia, there are no restrictions for the foreign citizens on buying houses or land related to the real estate. However, there are some nuances in making such deals. The procedure starts in the following way:

  • you need to translate the passport into Russian;
  • the translation must be notarized;
  • f you have a spouse, you will need to receive a consent to the transaction.

When a foreigner acquiring real estate item does not speak Russian, a translator should be invited at the moment of making a deal. You can also act through a representative. The experts of our company will find the most suitable house for you, will collect and prepare all the documents, as well as provide full support in the process of conducting a transaction.

What Benefits do Foreigners Receive when They Buy Real Estate in Russia?

There are no special state benefits for the acquisition of housing or other types of real estate. However, the procedures for migration registration and receiving a temporary residence permit are somewhat facilitated. Perhaps, this is due to the temporary registration in the acquired house.

Buying an apartment in Russia, a foreign citizen will pay taxes according to the special tariffs. The rate is ranging from 0.3 to 2% of the market value of the property. If such a person wants to sell the property, the tax will be 30% of the market price of the house.

What is Necessary to Know when Buying Property in Russia?

First of all, confirm the legality of your stay in the country. The visa, the migration card, ETA, and residence permit will be required. If a foreign citizen has a spouse, he or she will need to receive an official consent for the purchase of real estate. There are also other features of the procedure.

  1. 1. A foreign citizen has the right to make a deal independently or through an official representative. To do this, it is necessary to sign a power of attorney and notarize it.
  2. 2. If you purchase a land plot together with the house, you must first make sure that there are no encumbrances on it and it is available for registration by a foreign citizen.
  3. 3. The translation of the passport and other documents should be carried out by a certified specialist and it must necessarily be notarized.

The transaction is considered to be completed after its registration in Rosreestr. As a result, the ownership certificate and other entitling documents are issued.

Why is it Advisable to Buy Property in Russia through a Trustee?

It is necessary to know the Russian legislation in order to successfully receive all the necessary documents on the first try. Moreover, a lawyer must be specialized precisely in this area of law. Our experts have completed this procedure many times, therefore, the expected result will definitely be obtained. We will provide full support of the deal until the issuance of a certificate related to real estate (a record extract from Unified State Register of Taxpayers).

By purchasing a house through a trustee, you will receive valuable information about tax benefits. An experienced lawyer will tell you how to avoid a 30 percent tax if you decide to sell your property. We will also help with the registration of a land plot, translate documents into Russian, and reduce the time of the procedure by preparing all the documents within the shortest time period.