The Best Agricultural Land Plots in Russia

When choosing a region for buying agricultural land, it is necessary to take into account a variety of nuances, for example:

  • the fertility and quality of soil;
  • the development of infrastructure;
  • the remoteness from the residential areas;
  • agricultural productivity indicators;
  • the level of crop yields;
  • crops that you will grow;
  • markets for these products in the area;
  • the availability of the operating business and so on.

In most regions of the country, the potential for opening a food production enterprise or developing agricultural processing has not been fully disclosed. And there are enough fertile lands in Russia. Given the overall decline in the number of such areas in the world, it is possible to acquire land in Russia on advantageous terms.

We will show you where the best agricultural lands are located in Russia, select the best option, do all the paperwork, and successfully complete the deal. If necessary, our experts will help you open a business or find the company that is already operating and conduct its audit. We have already developed lands’ selection algorithms, which we have tested in practice many times.

Where are the Most Fertile Russian Lands?

If the future activity is connected with obtaining profits from crop production, it is worth selecting a land plot based on its fertility level. It is also worth taking into account the quality of the soil, the amount of money required for its recultivation, the cost of equipment, and much more.

The map of black soil in Russia is extensive, but the quality of such land differs depending on the climate and geological features.

  1. 1. The most fertile soil can be found in Kursk, Belgorod, Tambov, and Voronezh regions.
  2. 2. It is worth paying special attention to the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as the Rostov region.
  3. 3. You can safely invest in the lands that belong to the Republic of Tatarstan and Mordovia or the Vladimir region near Opolye.
  4. 4. There are quality lands suitable for grain and oil crops in the Kaluga, Tula, and Oryol regions.
  5. 5. The lands of the Tver, Yaroslavl, and Kostroma regions are perfect for growing alfalfa, lupine, and other forage grasses. On these territories, quite good land plots are still available at the price of approximately $500 per hectare.

If you are in search of a territory for opening a livestock farm, you will have to deliver food and take out waste. In addition, you will need the pasture for grazing animals. In this regard, the principle of land selection will be different. The developed infrastructure is important for this, so, in this case, the central region will be preferable. In particular, the Moscow region, with its convenient logistics and production centers, will be a good choice. However, you need to take into account that land in this region is sold at the inflated cost and the price may vary from 5,000 to 50,000 U.S. dollars per hectare or from 2,000 to 20,000 US dollars per acre since it is used not so much for agriculture as for production and storage facilities.

Russian Agriculture in Numbers

The Krasnodar Territory has been among the leaders in the agricultural production for several years now. The share of this region constitutes 6.6% of the indicators of the whole country. The cost of goods is growing every year by about 10-15%. The main business direction in this region is related to grain, oil crops, orchards, vineyards, fish farms with artificial ponds or natural estuaries, and cattle for beef and milk production.

The Rostov region also belongs to the top five leaders in the agricultural production. In terms of national indicators, it has the share of 4.6%. This region shows the highest percentage of increase in the value of agricultural products. Grains and oil crops are grown there. Apart from that, sheep breeding, viticulture, and horticulture are popular in this region. Fish farms with ponds and lakes can also be found on that territory.

On average, Belgorod region produces 4.3% of the total share. In this area, there has been observed a steady increase in the price of goods in the agricultural sector as well. Our experts will prepare comparative schemes for the selected regions, present relevant data, and demonstrate some of the most profitable areas for investment. In this area, the production of grain, oil, and fodder crops is being developed. Gardening, which mainly involves growing apples, is also becoming increasingly popular, together with pig breeding and poultry farming, mainly related to chicken.

Our lawyers will draw up contracts and prepare other documentation, represent your interests in government, register the company, and protect your property rights.

To save on purchasing land in Russia and guarantee its return on investment in the future, you just need to contact us and we will help you.