On what Territory the Land is Most Suitable for Agriculture in Russia?

Russia is among the top five leaders in terms of the area of land favorable for agricultural activities. But most of all, Russian black soil is valued, and it has received prestigious awards at the world exhibitions. Apart from black soil, sod-podzolic lands, red rocks, and other types of soils are used in agriculture.

The most fertile lands are the areas with the increased concentration of humus and calcium. Humus comprises of different organic elements that enriches plants. Black soil is perfectly pervious and it passes food to the roots. In percentage terms, it occupies 10% of the area relative to the other types of fertile land. And on this territory, productivity exceeds similar indicators with the other types of soil.

It is impossible to artificially recreate the composition of the soil. Therefore, the land plots certain soils are highly valued. However, their cost is significantly lower than that of foreign counterparts. The land that is most suitable for farming is located in the southern part of the forest steppe, where there is enough water and it is quite warm. We will find the optimal territory for the specific activity, and then, we will help to register it. The company has the best specialists with the practical knowledge in this field.

How Much Land Suitable for Farming is There in Russia?

U.S. cartographers from the USGS conducted a study examining satellite images. They found that today, there are approximately two billion (1.87 billion) hectares of fertile land on our planet. And an impressive part of this land is located in our country.

  1. 1. Russia was ranked fourth in terms of the areas suitable for agriculture.
  2. 2. The country’s assets amount to 155.8 million hectares of such land, which constitute 8.3% of its total area.
  3. 3. The cost of the land plots is much lower than in Western European countries, China or the USA.

The accuracy of the calculations carried out by the American cartographers is 92%. With the increased demand for organic products, as well as "clean" vegetables grown without the use of chemicals, the value of such land is growing. So far, it is possible to acquire land in our country on extremely favorable terms. The main thing is to know where to look for the territories suitable for agriculture.

What is the Map of Fertile Lands in Russia?

The land plots with black soil are vastly scattered across the country. The territory stretching from west to east, occupies a huge area. On the north, it is limited to the Oryol and Novosibirsk regions, and in the south, it borders on the Don and the Kuban. In the eastern part, the fertile soil reaches Altai. However, the quality of black soil differs depending on the territory.

  • The Krasnodar Territory is considered as most suitable region for farming;
  • It can compete with Kursk, Tambov, and Voronezh regions;
  • The lands of Belgorod and Oryol regions as well as Stavropol Territory are also interesting.

In terms of other aspects, the choice of the land plot depends on the type of crops that you plan to grow, as well as the infrastructural development. In this regard, you can rely on the experts of our company.

We will not just find a perfect land plot for you, but also prepare all the documents before purchasing it, give guarantees, and help you to save money.