ELEVATOR IN OWNERSHIP, buildings on cadastral registration since 2023. Russia, Ulyanovsk region, Veshkaimsky district, Veshkaimsky urban settlement, Veshkayma station.

GLOBAL work has been carried out to dismantle the middle building with dimensions of 9*80 m, h30 m, which opens up wide opportunities for increasing capacity through the installation of METAL SILOS.

🔥 In the Elevator district there are SUNFLOWER producing farms with a capacity of more than 150 thousand tons per year and GRAINS more than 500 thousand tons per year.

Yield in the Ulyanovsk region for 2023:
🌻 Sunflower from 1.5 – 4 tons per hectare.
🍞 Grains from 3 to 7 tons per hectare.


✅ The complex has a total capacity of about 50,000 tons (left building + right building), and many floor storage facilities can be placed on an area of ​​more than 7 hectares.
✅ Railway dead end, 2 access tracks, loading capability for 60 wagons, railway acceptance and shipment. Veshkayma station 500 meters.
✅ The elevator underwent modernization in 2022, during which it was equipped with new modern equipment and components:

– Auto acceptance,
– Scales 100 tons, 20 meters long,
– BLS 150
– Laboratory and sampler,
– 2 electrical substations 630 kW,
– Cables, electrical,
– Engines, belts, components.

✅ SINCE DECEMBER 2023, THE MIDDLE BUILDING OF THE ELEVATOR, AS WELL AS ALL OLD BUILDINGS, WAS DISMANTLED, which made it possible to EXPAND to 100,000 tons of loading, and also allows the PROCESSING LINES to be located immediately on the railway BRANCH.

Price: 1.5 million US dollars.

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