This property has been sold and withdrawn from sale.

An inexpensive dairy farm for sale with a land plot of 97.4 hectares (soil – black soil)

Cadastral: 71:05:00000:3653.

9 buildings, all privately owned. Nearby you can buy an additional 1 000 hectares of land (soil – black soil). The yield of black soil in the Tula region reaches from one hectare to 20 tons of hay (alfalfa) or up to 6 tons of wheat. For living, we can buy for you in a neighboring village a small brick house of 100-120 square meters with the possibility of registration in Russia for 25 000 US dollars.

The property complex includes:
– asphalted grain flow;
– an office building with all amenities (video surveillance) – 356 square meters;
– cowshed – 1 017 square meters;
– cowshed – 821 square meters;
– calf barn – 852 square meters;
– warehouse and mill – 1 362 square meters;
– seed warehouse – 736 square meters;
– sawmill with equipment for the production of euro pallets;
– silo trenches – 4 000 square meters;
– feed – 30 tons;
– meadow hay in rolls – 200 tons;
– haylage (hay packed in foil) – 800 tons;
– a 200 cubic meter water tower;
– a beautiful pond surrounded by birches – 3 hectares;
– Gas station – diesel fuel, 2 fuel dispensers, 25 ton barrel;
Equipment in the barn: milk-wire line for 300 cows (manufacturer – Milkplan), 150 pcs. taps, milk empties.

3 km from the federal highway M4 (Moscow-Rostov on Don), 146 kilometers to Moscow (2 hours by car or 3 hours by train), 6 km to the city of Venev, 46 km to the hero city – Tula. On the territory of the object there is: electricity, water, heating – an electric boiler, it is possible to conduct natural gas, there is a railway nearby and a river flows.

When buying a farm, our company can help you in purchasing new agricultural equipment, or inexpensive agricultural equipment (used) from other farmers. You can also purchase equipment for a complete set of a dairy farm and a dairy production workshop (mini-factory).


Property Description

When buying this dairy farm, you immediately buy a large volume of ready-made feed, the farm has partially installed equipment for milking cows.

View of the farm from a quadcopter
View of the farm from a quadcopter

We will also buy the required amount of land plots for you in a quick time – 1.5 months. We can help you buy inexpensive agricultural equipment and animals (cows) for your order.
You get on your territory a sawmill with equipment for the production of euro pallets and edged boards.


You have your own mini elevator on site that needs some renovation and you can store a decent amount of grain.
On your territory there is a large office of 360 square meters, which is inside made of real ecological material.

Office premises inside
Office premises inside

On your territory, there is your own pond and a water tower, as well as a gas pipeline near the border of the site, and you can get yourself the required amount of natural gas and build greenhouses for $ 5000.
There is a river near the plot, and you can water the planted alfalfa or other forage grasses if necessary.
A railway and a federal highway pass nearby, which makes it possible to transport finished products to the city of Venev, Tula, Moscow and other transport accessible regions.
The Tula region is one of the closest regions to the Moscow region, with a huge potential for the sale of finished dairy products (milk, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese and especially cheese). Below you can see the farm office and a pond on the left. Below you can see a photo of the office itself inside with computer equipment.

Office building
Office building

The Tula Region is a constituent entity of Russia and is part of the Central Federal District. The central region is one of the most economically developed regions of Russia. The Tula region covers an area of ​​26,000 square kilometers. The greatest extent of the region’s territory from north to south is 200 kilometers, from west to east – 190 kilometers. The administrative center of the region is the city of Tula. The city of Tula was founded in 1146. The population of the Tula region as of January 1, 2020 is 1,492,000 people, including the urban one – 75%, which indicates a high level of urbanization in the region. The ethnic composition of the region’s population is dominated by Russians. The distance from the center of Tula to the center of Moscow is 185 kilometers. In the north and north-east, the Tula region borders on the Moscow region, in the east the region borders on the Ryazan region, in the southeast and south it borders on the Lipetsk region, in the south and south-west it borders on the Oryol region, in the west and north-west it borders with the Kaluga region.

The population of the city of Tula is 475,000 people.

Tula city
Tula city

The city of Venev has a population of 14,000.

Venev city
Venev city

Moderate continental, characterized by moderately cold winters and warm summers. The duration of the period with positive temperatures is 220-225 days. The growing season is 180-190 days. The average annual precipitation decreases from the northwest to 650 mm, to the southeast to 450 mm. One third of all precipitation falls in the summer months.

Leached chernozems – 28%, podzolized chernozems – 20%, light gray forest soils – 15%, gray forest soils – 11%, dark gray forest soils – 8%, meadow chernozem leached soils – 6%, soddy-podzolic – 5.5%, floodplain acidic soils – 5%, sod-podzolic (ferruginous illuvial) – 1.5%.


Livestock: In the Tula region, cows (beef and dairy cattle breeding), poultry (chickens, turkeys), pigs (breeds – large white, Landrace, Duroc), horses, sheep, fur animals, fish, goats, rabbits, bees are actively raised.

Crop production: In the Tula region, the cultivation of wheat (winter and spring), rye, oats, barley, millet, buckwheat, corn (for feed), lentils, peas, sugar beets, rapeseed (winter and spring), sunflower, soybeans, mustard, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, zucchini, fruits, berries, alfalfa, annual herbs, perennial forage grasses.

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