Equestrian sports club for sale in the Kaluga region.

The club covers an area of ​​25 hectares or nearly 100 acres. Located in the ecologically clean Kaluga region, around pine and mixed forest. The distance from Moscow to the sports complex is 240 kilometers, or about 3 hours by car. The equestrian sports complex includes two heated stables and one summer stall for ten goals, a parade ground 40 * 60 m, a covered barrel with a diameter of 20 m, a heated indoor playpen 20×60 meters on all work sites laid eurogrunt. In the club there is a sink with hot water, a solarium, a warm ammunition park, a lot of levads of different sizes, the possibility of walking horses without restriction. The complex was founded in 2010 and is fully equipped with a heating and ventilation system, which will ensure a comfortable climate for guests and horses all year round. All stalls are 3×4 m in size, equipped with automatic drinkers, each has a large window, rubber coated floors. Four-time feeding ration. You can use the services of a caretaker, trainer, breeder. You can also use the magnificent comfortable houses for rent, located on the territory of the club. The club comes to more than 400 people a month in the summer, who ride their horses, stay in the houses and spend a weekend there.


Property Description

The region is located between the Central Russian and Smolensk-Moscow uplands. On the territory of the region there are both low plains – up to 200 m above sea level, and elevated ones – more than 200 m high. The southeast of the region is occupied by the Central Russian Upland, the extreme northwest – the Spas-Demenskaya ridge. These hills are separated from each other by the Ugorsko-Protvinskaya lowland. In the extreme southwest of the region is the Bryansk-Zhizdra Polesie, and in the center is the Baryatinsko-Sukhinichi Plain.

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