This property has been sold and withdrawn from sale.

11 fields for sale with a total area of 440 hectares or 1100 acres, an average field of 35 to 50 hectares. Suitable for the production of cereals and Pancake week crops. The price of one hectare is 350 US dollars, the price of the whole block is 154 000 US dollars. The block is not to be shared, it is sold completely.


Property Description

The population of the Kaluga region consists of more than 1 million people. The city of Kaluga is home to 337 000 people. The distance from Kaluga to Momskvu is 163 kilometers in a straight line or 180 kilometers along the road, travel time by car is 2-3 hours.



The climate is temperate continental, with distinct seasons: moderately hot and humid summers and moderately cold winters with stable snow cover. The average January temperature is from – 6 to – 8 ° C, July is from +19 to +23 ° C. 550-650 mm of precipitation falls annually.


Production of 19.5 billion rubles. (600 million US dollars), 55% falls on crop production. Farmland farmland accounts for 36% of the region. They grow fodder (67% of the sown area) and cereals (23%, including wheat, barley, rye, oats), potatoes and vegetables (10%).

Livestock of the dairy and meat sector is the largest milk producer – Zhukovsky district. Poultry industry is developed: Kaluga poultry factory (part of the PRODO group of companies), Karachev poultry factory (part of the Zernostandart agricultural holding).

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