The price is $250 U.S. dollars per hectare ($100 per acre).
The cost of The entire land $4,000 000 U.S. dollars.

On this land you can make a beautiful ranch and graze cattle. Also on this land you can grow crops (wheat, barley, oats, rye) oilseeds or plant (amaranth, sunflower, soybean, canola) and receive income from it.
If necessary, our company will help you expand your ownership by buying neighboring plots.


Property Description

Ulyanovsk region is located in the Middle Volga region, in the southeast of the European part of Russia.
The distance Moscow-Ulyanovsk on the highway is 875 kilometers (540 miles), and in a straight line 700 kilometers (435 miles).

Ulyanovsk birds eye view.

The region was formed on January 19, 1943. It has territories of more than 37,000 square kilometers, occupies 62 place in Russia. The nearest major cities are Samara and Penza.
The population is 1,350,000. The administrative center is the city of Ulyanovsk with a population of 630,000 people.

Museum of Local Lore in Dmitrovograd

Ulyanovsk is already more than 360 years old. On February 10, 1648, the gunsmith of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, Bogdan Khitrovo founded this city and named it Simbirsk in order to protect the state border from raids of the Nagai Tatars. Simbirsk was specially located on both sides of the Volga River. Also on the territory of the city flows the second river Sviyaga. In Simbirsk, in 1870, the leader of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Ulyanov, known as Lenin, was born. May 9, 1924 in honor of Ulyanov (Lenin), the city was renamed Ulyanovsk.

Geographical location of the Ulyanovsk region:
The Volga River divides the territory of the region into an elevated right bank and a low left bank – the Volga region.
The right-bank part is occupied by the Volga Upland, up to 365 meters above sea level with views of the Volga, Kremen and Sengiley mountains. The surface of the left-bank part is a gently sloping plain.
The main Volga river with tributaries of the Sura, Sviyaga, Big Cheremshan and Kuibyshev reservoir.

The climate is temperate continental. The average January temperature is −7 ° C, July +23 ° C. Precipitation is about 400-450 mm per year.

The Ulyanovsk region is located in the zones of forest-steppe and broad-leaved forests.

Soils are predominantly black earth.

Forests occupy 1/4 of the territory. In the northwest – large massifs of oak forests with the participation of linden, maple.
The Volga region is mainly meadow steppes and individual pine forests. Elk, marten, squirrel, hare are preserved in the forests. Waterfowl and swamp birds are numerous. In the Kuibyshev reservoir there are fish – bream, pike perch, common carp.

Farmers and farmers breed cattle of dairy and meat direction.
They are engaged in poultry, pig farming. The leading place in crop production belongs to the production of industrial crops and potatoes, cereals.

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