The price is $280 U.S. dollars per hectare ($112 per acre).
The cost of The entire land $1 120 000 U.S. dollars.

Such an inexpensive price for land plots has developed due to non-cultivation of land plots for more than 8 years. Shrubs and trees have grown in many areas.

On this land you can make a beautiful ranch and graze cattle. Also on this land you can grow crops (wheat, barley, oats, rye) oilseeds or plant (amaranth, sunflower, soybean, canola) and receive income from it.


Property Description

General information:
Saratov region is located in the South-East of the European part of Russia, in the Northern part of the Lower Volga region.

Central pedestrian street of Saratov

Saratov region has common borders with other regions of Russia and Kazakhstan: in the North with Penza and Ulyanovsk regions, in the North-East with Samara region, in the East with Orenburg region, in the South-East with Kazakhstan, in the South with Volgograd region and in the West with Voronezh and Tambov regions.


Saratov oblast is divided the river into 2 parts: Western and right — Bank, which is more elevated, and East on left side, lower, which is called Volga.  A significant part of the right Bank is occupied by the Volga upland, strongly dissected by ravines and gullies. On the left Bank of the Volga, stretches a vast  Syrt plain, bordered in the East by the hills Of the General Syrt. The South-Eastern part is occupied by the Caspian lowland. The area of the Saratov region is 100 thousand square kilometers.

Conservatory and square Chernyshevsky


West to East 577 km; from North to South for 335 km and Saratov oblast in terms of territory, equal to Albania, Belgium and Sacario together. The population of 2 565 000 people. The main regional city is Saratov with a population of more than 840 000 people. Saratov was founded in 1 590. The population density is 26 people per 1 sq km.

Quay of Saratov

The climate is continental. Average January temperature: -8 C in the southwest, -10 C in the northeast; July: 22 C in the Northwest, 26 C in the Southeast.  Precipitation in the North-West about 450-500 mm per year, in the South-East 250-300 mm.

Orthodox church

The main river of the Volga region. On the territory of the region the length of the Volga is 485 km, the maximum width is 10 km, the maximum depth is 35 meters. In the right-Bank district of the region there are rivers belonging to the don river basin. These include the bear with all its tributaries and the hopper. Various species of fish live in the reservoirs. The most common species of them is bream. There are pike, bream, IDE, pike, bersh, roach.

In the forests you can meet ROE deer, elk, wild boar, marten, mink, hares and badgers.
From birds typical inhabitants of the Saratov woods are capercaillie, black grouse, woodcock, Mallard ducks.
The steppe is inhabited by hares, foxes, wolves and forest ferret. The representatives of rodents are gerbils, squirrels, hamsters.

Saratov region is one of the largest in the Russian Federation, where there is a system of production of grain, sunflower, livestock products.
The land Fund of the region is 10 123 thousand hectares, of which agricultural land 8 418 thousand hectares of Agricultural land 7 999 thousand hectares.
The area consists of 7 microzones: 1. The Western microzone includes 13% of farmland and 14.4% of arable land area. In crop production micro-region is specialized in the production of grain, sunflower and sugar beet. 2,3,4, mainly grain production. 5. The Northern right Bank microzone has 9.8% of farmland and 9.5% of arable land area.  Specialization cattle and grain, with a developed production of sunflower. 6. The Northern left Bank microzone occupies 14.4% of farmland and 14.9% of arable land area.  Specialization – zernovoye and pastoral napravlennosti. 7. The Central left-Bank microzone is the largest in terms of arable land (21.1%).  Its farms are mainly specialized in the production of grain, as well as beef and milk. Some farms are well developed vegetable growing.

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