Sold agricultural land fields overgrown with forest for 30-90%. Forest-birch 40%, aspen 40%, spruce 20%. The age of the forest is 20-25 years.
The new owner is obliged to cut down the forest within three years from the date of purchase.


Property Description

The total area of forests of the Yaroslavl region as of January 1, 2008 was 1799.7 thousand hectares. the Executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation in the field of forest relations is the Department of forestry of the Yaroslavl region.

The lands of the forest Fund is 1750,2 thousand hectares of total forest area; forests located on the lands oooohweeee natural territories of Federal value, − 46.8 thousand ha; forests located on lands of the Ministry of defense − 1.8 thousand ha; forests on the lands of settlements − 0.8 thousand hectares of forests on lands of other categories − 0,1 thousand ha (data of the Main forest management area on January 01, 2008).

Prior to the adoption of the new Forest code in the Yaroslavl region organization and forest management was conducted by 15 forestry, the national Park “Plescheevo lake”, the Darwin state nature reserve (the main part is located in the Vologda region) and 18 rural inter-farm forestry.

According to the requirements of the new Forest code of the Russian Federation, Rosleskhoz by its order of July 02, 2007 No. 322 formed 15 new forest areas on the lands of the forest Fund (together with rural forests).

Recently, the forest Fund of the Yaroslavl region as a whole is characterized by a reduction in the area of young plants while increasing the area of Mature plantations. This trend can be seen in both coniferous and soft-leaved species. This is primarily due to the insufficient use of the calculated cutting area, which leads to the accumulation of ripe and over-Mature plantings. The increase in the area of young growth was noted over the past five years only in the Breitovsky and Pereslavsky forest areas. At the same time, only in the Breitovsky forestry almost all the increase in the area of young growth was due to coniferous plantations.

The forest and woodworking industries are poorly developed. Processing production is represented only by sawmilling and small volumes of plywood production (less than 10 thousand m3 per year). Moreover, if the production of lumber in 1990 reached 369 thousand m3, in 2007-only 47.3 thousand m3.

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