Land for sale 1200 hectares (3000 acres) in the Stavropol territory. The land plot is used for growing grain crops (wheat, oats, barley), also on the site grow oilseeds (sunflower, rape, soybean).

The price is $800 U.S. dollars per hectare ($320 per acre).
The cost of the entire land $960,000 U.S. dollars.
It is possible to sell parts of land plot from 500 hectares.


Property Description

Stavropol region

Stavropol region is located in the Central part of the Ciscaucasia on the Northern slope of the great
The Caucasus stretches for 286 kilometers from North to South and 368 kilometers from West to East.
The population of Stavropol Krai is 2 800 000 people.

Most of the Stavropol territory is occupied by the Stavropol upland, which passes in the East, the Terek-Kuma lowland has an ancient name Nogai steppe.
In the North, the hill merges with the Kumo-Manych depression. In the foothills the area of the Caucasian Mineral Waters with mountains up to 1400 meters above sea level of mount Beshtau is allocated.

The highest point of the Stavropol territory reaches 1605 meters above sea level.
The climate is temperate continental. Average January temperature -4 °C (in the mountains up to -11 °C),
July from +23…+27 °C. Precipitation falls: on the plain 350-550 mm per year, in the foothills over 600 mm.
The duration of the vegetative period, 181-186 days.

Main rivers: Kuma, Malka, Podkumok, Zolka, Kalaus, Egorlyk, Bolshoy Zelenchuk, Kura, Kuban and Manych. Lake few: Tambukan lake (with reserves of therapeutic mud), part of lake Manych-Gudilo, Kravtsove the lake, the lake of Tsagan-Khak, Sengileevskoe reservoir and many smaller lakes and ponds.
Stavropol region is located mainly in the steppe and semi-desert zones.
Soils are mainly Chernozem (ordinary and southern) and chestnut (light chestnut, chestnut and temeculamovie).
Different grass-grass and grass steppes prevail, in the East and North-East — wormwood-grass vegetation
with salt marshes and salt marshes.
The steppes of the Stavropol territory are mostly plowed and carry good crops of grain and oilseeds.
In high areas of the Stavropol upland — massifs of deciduous oak-hornbeam forests (forest-steppe areas),
in this region developed gardens and vineyards.
In the steppe inhabited by rodents gophers, voles, hamsters, jerboas, meet long-eared hedgehogs, weasels, wolves and foxes.
In wetlands of Cooma — jungle cat and wild boar. On lakes and swamps a lot of waterfowl – ducks, geese, coots, etc.


Specializes in cultivation of grain, sunflower, rape, a leading role in animal husbandry it belongs to cattle and sheep breeding. Widely developed gardening, viticulture, poultry farming, pig farming, beekeeping.

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