This property has been sold and withdrawn from sale.

Land for sale Vladimir region. Not far from the village of Petushki. The plot is 80 hectares (200 acres), on the site there is a small pond with an area of 0.5 hectares (1.25 acres). A good place for grazing stingray, planting a plum or apple orchard. Possible cultivation: flax, mustard, wheat or forage herbs. The price for the entire plot is 120,000 US dollars or 1,500 dollars per hectare (600 US dollars per acre).


Property Description

The Vladimir region has long been the core of North-Eastern Russia, which later became the basis of the entire Russian state. It is attractive not only in architecture. Here, despite the influence of time, traditional crafts are preserved, for example, handicraft (hand-made glass), birch bark art and pottery, painting varnished miniatures with special “Vladimir” patterns.

Assumption Church in Petushki

The city of Petushki is the administrative center of the Petushinsky district of the Vladimir region, one of the smallest cities with a population of 13,382 people (2017). Males are located on the left bank of the Klyazma River, 63 km southwest of Vladimir. The Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod railway and the M-7 Volga highway pass through the city.
Today Petushki is a small city, but still an industrial center with a number of enterprises, including such a unique and promising one as a steel piston ring factory. Nevertheless, the main spectrum of production is light industry, mainly in the textile and food sectors.

Downtown Petushki

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