Land for sale 3 850 hectares located in the Smolensk region. LAND PLOT – SOLD!

The land block consists of more than 40 fields (cadastral numbers). The price of one hectare is $ 280 per hectare ($ 112 per acre). The cost of the entire land plot is USD 1,078,000. Possible sale of a part of the land plot from 500 hectares.

You can see a similar plot in the Smolensk region of 3000 hectares here


Property Description

Smolensk region is located in the West of the European part of Russia. Bordered by Belorussian in the South-West of the Tver and Pskov regions bordered in the North, and in the North-East of the Moscow region, it is surrounded by the edges of the Kaluga region and the South-East of the Bryansk region.
Smolensk region is located almost in the center of the East European plain. In the Central part of the Smolensk region and the Eastern part is dominated by hills that cut rivers and valleys. The main river is the Dnieper. The average elevation of 221 meter above sea level.

The Dnieper river in Smolensk

The climate of the Smolensk region is quite temperate continental. The average temperature in January is -8 degrees, the average temperature in July is +18 degrees. Vypadaet precipitation to 600mm. per year. In the Smolensk region is dominated by sod-podzolic, podzolic and sod soils.

Smolensk region is rich in different species of animals. On its territory there are 56 species of mammals, about 259 species of birds, 40 species of fish. In the forests there are many animals such as hares, squirrels, foxes, wild boars, moose, wolves, lynx, Martens, weasels, ermines, there are even brown bears. Rivers, lakes and ponds are rich in pike, pike, bream, burbot, perch, and other species of fish.

Spotted deer in Smolensk region

The main branch of agriculture is animal husbandry, more than 55 % of dairy and meat production. As of 01.01.2018, the number of cattle was about 73 000 heads, including 32 000 cows, the number of pigs – 219 000 heads, the number of birds was 488 000 heads. Production 2018: Milk — 219 000 tons, meat — 49 000 tons, eggs — 197 000 000 pieces.
Agricultural lands of the region occupy 1 760 000 hectares (1 % of the area of agricultural lands of the Russian Federation) or 35 % of its territory. 1 300 000 ha is arable land, in the southern regions ploughing reaches 71 %. Crop Smolensk region specializiruetsya on forage (45 % of the acreage) and wheat (45 %) the cultures produce ln, vegetables, potatoes. Under grain 165 000 hectares are occupied.

Tractor with fresh hay

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