Price: 3 999 000$
Owned Area: 1 400 hectares (3 500 acres)
Approx. Rent Area: 0 hectares
Location: Russia
Region: Kaluga region, Duminichi district
Residential real estate: 600 m2
Production area: 3 000 m2
Water: A dam for a pond of 10 hectares is being built.
Road: Asphalt entrance
Agricultural machinery: Yes (list on request)
Crops: Wheat, barley, oats.

The company has been operating since 2015, the main direction of grain crops. The fields are sown with winter wheat, barley. Tractor John Deere (6 and 8 model) Valtra, Kirovets, two harvesters New Holland, truck KAMAZ, loaders 2 pieces, have all the necessary equipment worth more than $ 1.5 million. Warehouse space (after repair) for storage of products, the area of more than 3000 m2.
New living space (house, divided into 5 apartments, two apartments of 100 m2, two apartments of 50 m2, large apartment of more than 300 m2), furnished.

You can see the plots of land at this link 


Property Description

The population of the Kaluga region is more than 1 million people, and the population density here is quite low for one of the central regions – 34 people/sq. km. The female population here slightly prevails – 54% against 46% of the male. The main problem here, as in other regions of Russia, is the predominance of mortality over fertility. How not to remember the old days when three or more children were the norm in a Russian family? After Russians, of whom 86% live in the region, the second largest nationality is Ukrainians (1.65%). The average age of the population of the Kaluga region is 41 years, and the average life expectancy is 74 years.

Holy Pafnutevsky Borovsky Monastery
Holy Pafnutevsky Borovsky Monastery

Kaluga (pop. 326,000) was once a small town where Konstantin Tsiolkovsky came to study aerodynamics. Here, in peace and quiet, he laid the theoretical foundations for Russian astronautics. Now the city has a museum of the history of cosmonautics, where Tsiolkovsky and his activities are given special attention.

In Soviet times, almost 90% of the city’s economy worked on the defense of the enterprise. After the collapse of the Union, many enterprises, having gone through the conversion, produce civilian high-tech products. On the territory of Kaluga in 2006, the formation of the Grabtsevo technopark was started. The production of Volkswagen cars has already been launched there, and Volvo and Mitsubishi plants are also being built in the suburbs of Kaluga.

Kaluga from a bird's eye view
Kaluga from a bird’s eye view

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