A plot of land with a total area of 1704 hectares (4260 acres) is for sale, this area includes a lake whose size is 27 hectares or 67.5 acres. The facility is located in the Kaluga region, Baryatinsky district, now hay is being harvested on the lands (an article about the hay harvesting business), but some fields began to be overgrown with bushes and shoots of young trees. The property is being sold as a whole and cannot be divided into small plots.

It turns out that the average price per hectare is 175 US dollars or 298 200 US dollars for the entire property.


Property Description

Kaluga region is a subject of the Russian Federation. It is part of the Central Federal District.

In the 14th century, part of the Kaluga lands was under the rule of Moscow. From 1796 to 1929, the Kaluga province was an independent administrative-territorial unit within the Russian Empire and the RSFSR.
Most of the region is occupied by plains, fields and forests with a variety of flora and fauna. The center of the region is located on the Baryatinsko-Sukhinichi Upland. In the western part of the region, within the glacial plain, the Spas-Demenskaya ridge stands out. To the south of it there is an elevated outwash plain, which is part of the Bryansk-Zhizdra forest, the average heights of which are up to 200 m. In the north-west of the region there is a moraine plain with ozokam formations. From north to south, the Kaluga region stretches for more than 220 km from 53°30′ to 55°30′ northern latitude, from west to east – for 220 km. The area of the territory is 29 777 thousand km². The most important international highways and railways pass through the territory of the region: Moscow – Kaluga – Bryansk – Kyiv – Lvov – Warsaw. The Kaluga region borders with the Bryansk, Smolensk, Moscow, Tula, and Oryol regions.

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