Hunting farm for sale 23 500 hectares in the Penza region. Long-term rental for 49 years.

9000 hectares of forest, several hectares of the river and the remaining 14000 hectares of meadows and fields.

A river flows 12 meters wide and 2 meters deep on the territory. On the territory of the ranch (hunting farm) next to the houses of hunters and huntsmen there is a 3 hectare pond where about 2,500 fish carp and grass carp are found. 12 bait platforms for animals and the same number of towers for hunters are equipped; there is a rest zone for animals where hunting is not conducted. Fauna: elk, roe deer, wild boar, beaver, duck. All this is found in the forest. On the territory of 14,000 hectares of fields you can plant soybean, yield 2.5 tons per 1 hectare, corn, wheat or other agricultural crops. The payback period of such a project is 5-6 years. Without agriculture, the payback of the project will increase to 12-15 years. You can breed roe deer, red deer, pheasant, quail and put it in restaurants. Then the payback period of investments in this project will be reduced to 3-4 years.


Property Description

Penza region is located on the East European Plain, within the Volga Upland. The closest point on the Volga is the city of Syzran, 250 kilometers from Penza. The region is located at the junction of three natural zones: the central black earth, non-black earth and arid Volga. The Penza region borders in the north with the Ryazan region and Mordovia, in the east with Ulyanovsk, in the south with Saratov, in the west with the Tambov regions.

Penza Central Pedestrian Street

The population of the Penza region according to Rosstat is 1,335,600. And the population of the city of Penza is 530,000 people.

Penza from a bird’s flight.

The climate in the Penza region is temperate continental, with rather hot summers (average July temperature of 22-26 ° C) and cold winters (from -7 ° to -11 ° C). The main air flow is from west to east. Winter comes after November 15-20 and lasts more than 4 months until mid-March. Over 200 rivers and streams with a length of at least 10 km flow through the region. The largest: Sura, Khoper, Moksha.

Forests and rivers of the Penza region

Agriculture of the Penza region is characterized by well-developed production of oilseeds. The Penza region took the 2nd place among the regions of Russia in the cultivation of camelina seeds, while providing almost 25% of the total production in the country. The production of soybeans brought the Penza region to 10th place in the ranking, sunflower seeds to 12th place, mustard seeds to 13th place, rape seeds (winter and spring) to 30th place. Crop production in the Penza region was mainly represented by oilseeds and grains, sugar beets, vegetable products and potatoes. Penza region is also one of the leaders in the production of chicken, meat – pork and beef.

Fields of the Penza Region

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