This property has been sold and withdrawn from sale.

Livestock farm for sale in the Saratov region Russia. Agricultural land owned by 7 060 ha (owned by 7 fields all in one “block”). 2 000 ha for rent.
The main breeding herd of cattle is 300 heads. The breeding stock of sheep is 2500 heads. Producers of 400 heads.
The number of young animals for the spring of 2021 will increase, sheep by 2 500 heads, cattle by 300 heads.
Total cattle will be 600 heads, sheep 5 400 heads. I explain: getting young animals for animal husbandry is arranged according to the plan as seed selection is being conducted. The company is a BREEDING PLANT with state support. All breeding young animals are sold at the request of the Ministry of agriculture of the Saratov region. The sale price is 30 us dollars per kilogram of live weight.
In terms of the yield of land plots, thanks to pairs and winter wheat, the guaranteed grain yield is 30 centners per hectare (this figure has been annual for 5 years). The staff is 35 people.
Economy without loans and debts to the budget.
The farm is fully provided with seeds for sowing and fodder for livestock.
The farm is equipped with premises for keeping livestock, agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment.
This amount of tractor fleet and agricultural equipment is sufficient for all agricultural work. There are buildings: workshops, a mechanical shop for processing grain and warehouses for storage.
The farm has a Central water supply, gas, electricity. Sheep livestock is contained in the five shepherd locations (kashari). There are ponds at each shepherd point.
The point of shepherd No. 1-5, workshop building for the accommodation of livestock, and granaries.
Every year, the farm that raises cattle of the Kazakh white-headed breed of cows and sheep of the Caucasian meat breed receives a grant for feed from the state in the amount of 150 000 US dollars. Structure with areas planned for 2020.

5 700 ha arable land
1 300 ha they rest in pairs

1300 winter wheat *30 centners = 3 900 t
1000 ha spring wheat 15 centners = 1 500 t
Millet 1000 ha*20 centners = 2 000 t
Sudanka 500 ha for hay *20 t = 1 000 t of hay
Sorghum 400 ha*20 centners = 800 t
Safflower 500 ha*15 centners = 750 t
Barley 1 000 ha*15 centners = 1 500 t
Pastures and pastures 2 060 ha

Total land: 9 060 ha

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