This property has been sold and withdrawn from sale.


We offer for sale an operating, profitable business with an established clientele, Elevator and Mill complex, which includes the production of confectionery. The company carries out a full production cycle from grinding to delivery to shops and enterprises. Contracts have been concluded with some bread factories for the supply of flour products. There are also existing contracts with large Korean noodle and confectionery companies, three federal retail chains. The grain processing enterprise located in the Krasnodar Territory of Krasnodar is a large operating business, which includes confectionery production.

The complex includes:
total area: 3 hectares land;
office space;
elevator 15 500 tons per day;
a combine harvester of 160 tons per day;
two weight, 3 substations, with total capacity = 3.5 MW;
cold warehouse 125 m2, finished goods warehouse 650 m2;
laboratory, silo storage;
railway line;
own fleet (5 grain carts, 2 tractors, and several cars up to 3.5 tons);
confectionery workshop 1000 m2 (new confectionery equipment of 2014),
600 tons of finished products per month, packing equipment is also worth
(Italy, Turkey, Japan), its service staff.
The staff of the enterprise is fully staffed and comprises about 100 people.

Full automated production cycle;
3 production lines: shortbread and puff pastries, croissants;
3 packing lines, including small packing;
Filling equipment (Italy, Turkey, Japan),
The list of main types of products, services:
Flour milling
GOST R 52189-2003 flour baking wheat flour.
Premium whiteness from 62 units, gluten 25%, IDK 50-60 units.
1 grade whiteness 48-50 units., Gluten 30%, IDK 70-80 units.
Large and small packing of flour in bags of 50 or 25 kilograms.
Confectionery Factory
Confectionery manufacturing (Confectionery manufacturing – shortbread and puff pastry, croissants and other baked goods
Average profit – flour milling: 10,000,000 rubles. ($ 150,000) per month
Average profit – a confectionery workshop: up to 33,000,000 (500,000 US dollars) per month.
Productivity: 150 tons – finished goods per month
Return on investment: up to 4 years
Form of incorporation: (Limited Liability Company).
Share to sale: 100%
Reason for sale: Moving to Moscow
Main types of products: Flour, confectionery, silo, bran.
Number of owners: One owner


Property Description

Krasnodar Territory is part of the North Caucasus Economic Region. The volume of industrial products (manufacturing, mining, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water) at a cost almost 2 times the volume of agricultural products produced in the Krasnodar Territory. In the Russian economy, it stands out as the most important agricultural region (7% of gross agricultural production is produced in the Kuban, and it occupies the first place in the ranking of Russian regions) with developed industry. Krasnodar Territory is the leader in the gross harvest of grain (about 10%) and sugar beets (17 %), the largest Russian producer of sand sugar (35%), grape wines (about 37%), one of the leading Russian producers of sunflower seeds (15%), vegetable oil (23%), cereals (24%), canned fruits and vegetables (7 %), fruits and berries (about 6%), whole milk production (6.5%), sparkling wines (6%), meat (6%), vegetables (4%), butter (3.5%). Krai enterprises also produce about 23% of all Russian footwear (1st place in Russia), 7% of cement (2nd place in Russia).

Sukko Village on the Black Sea

The cost of agricultural products is 163 billion rubles (or 2.5 billion US dollars), most of the production 66% falls on crop production. Favorable conditions contribute to the development of agriculture (in the Krasnodar Territory, some of the best climatic and soil resources in Russia). The area of ​​agricultural land is 4,336,000 hectares (57% of the region, 2.2% of agricultural land in Russia), including arable land occupies about 90%. In the structure of sown areas, cereals prevail 58%, industrial crops make up 23%, fodder 15%, potatoes and vegetable and melon crops 4%. Several specialized regions are distinguished in the territory of the region: in the north and in the center, crops are grown (winter wheat, corn for grain), sugar beets, sunflowers and soybeans; in the southern and piedmont region, potatoes, vegetables, citrus fruits, tea (the only Russian region for growing tea); cereals and potatoes in the southeastern region; rice in the western region; In the southwestern part, viticulture and winemaking are common. Gardening is developed almost everywhere. Animal husbandry (prevails in the south-eastern part of the Krasnodar Territory) is represented by dairy and beef cattle breeding, pig breeding, poultry farming, beekeeping; sheep and goats are also raised.

Vineyards near the village of Abrau Durso in the Krasnodar Territory


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