House size: 180 square meters
Land area: 0.2 hectares
Distance to the city: 85 kilometers to the city of Moscow
Wall material: brick
Kind of object: house in the village
Floors in the house: 2

The price of a house with a land plot is 63 500 USD + 10% Commission (6350 USD) = 69850 USD.

Russia, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district, simbukhovo Village

The house consists of 6 rooms, toilet, shower, hot and cold water, in the yard well and Russian bath. Near a beautiful meadow where horses graze. Right and left flows the river Nara, where there is fish.


Property Description

Simbukhovo is a village in Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region. There are about 250 inhabitants.
It was founded in 1566. The yard of the patrimonial deacon D. G. Shubin is known since 1675, then belonged to the husband of his daughter Stolnik D. S. Velyaminov and his family. From 1696 on the relationship of the steward A. A. Yushkov and his family. In 1767 the estate was owned by the General’s wife T. M. Frolov-Bagreeva. In 1785 the landowner A. N. Kolokoltsev. In the middle of the XIX century the actual state Councilor N. G. Ryumin and then his heirs. From 1890 – 1911 the owner of the estate merchant A. P. Guskov. An abandoned Park of mixed tree species with the remains of lime alleys has been preserved.

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