Russia, Moscow oblast, the village of Abramovka
House size: 250 square meters
Land area: 0.25 hectares
Distance to town: 90 km from Moscow
Wall material: brick
Object type: House in the village
Floors in the house: 2
PRICE 67500 USD + 10% Commission (6,750 US dollars) = 74250 USD.

Brick two-storey house for year-round on a plot of 25 acres of regular shape, where the forest and pond immediately behind the plot. On the ground floor there is a living room, kitchen, terrace, Finnish bath with a relaxation room, bathroom with shower, bath, bidet, garage, boiler room, cellar. On the second floor there is a bedroom, a huge room (can be divided into two), a large insulated veranda. Sewerage (septic tank), a well with very tasty water.
Heating – universal boiler (electric solid fuel). The village is gasified, it is possible to supply gas.
Interior decoration of the house with Euro (natural breathable material). On the site of the economic unit of 55 square meters of cinder blocks sheathed siding. Year-round asphalt driveway. Everything is ready for a comfortable stay. The village has 3 shops, a school, a house of culture. In the woods a lot of berries and mushrooms.


Property Description

History of the village: Abramovka — a village in Orekhovo-zuyevsky district of Moscow region. The population is about 500 people. Abramovka was founded in the XVIII century from the villages and Sannikovo Andreevo.
In the XIX century this village belonged to the state and belonged to the Bezzubov Parish of Bogorodsky district of the Moscow province.  In the XIX century, the vast majority of the villagers were old believers.
At the beginning of the 1830-ies of the farmer Anton Muravlev began construction of a textile factory in Abramovka. The factory started operating in 1843.  By 1856, the factory employed 118 weavers on 90 looms.

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