Price: 7.700.000$
Owned Area: 470 hectares (1175 acres)
Rent Area: 0 hectares
Location: Russia
Region: Krasnodar region
Residential real estate: 220 square meters
Administrative building: 466 square meters
Production area (Fruit storage): 1000 – 5 refrigerators of 200 tons
Cellarage: 1500 square meters
Water: 2 water towers, water management, wells
Electricity: electrical substation 125 kilowatts
Road: asphalt entrance
Number of fruit trees: 4500
Agricultural machinery: Yes (list on request)

Planted 230 hectares of gardens. Yields in 2019 amounted to: 1,600 tons of apples and 300 tons of plums worth $ 1 million. In 2023, the garden will reach the fruiting volume and the planned yield from 230 hectares will be: 6,000 tons of apples and 1,000 tons of plums for a total of $ 4 million. Remains not planted 240 hectares of land. When laying additional areas for a garden, the amount will increase by 2 times and amount to more than 8 million dollars.


Property Description

The Krasnodar Territory is the breadbasket of Russia with the warmest climate and the best lands – chernozems.

Chernozem in the field

The Krasnodar Territory is washed by two seas, has access to the Caucasus Mountains. The temperature in the summer reaches + 40 degrees, the temperature in the winter rarely drops below -5 degrees Celsius.

Sea and the city of Gelendzhik

In the Krasnodar Territory, a large area is occupied by orchards, vineyards, rice checks, as well as moslion crops, crops, grain crops, vegetables and melons.

Winemakers harvest grapes.

Also in the Krasnodar Territory there are many berry growers where raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, smoridin and other berries grow.

Farmer picks strawberries.

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