A plywood factory is for sale in the Vladimir region, 90 kilometers in a straight line or 140 kilometers by road to Moscow.

Financial indicators:
Annual turnover: 1 560 000 US dollars.
Monthly turnover: 130 000 US dollars.
Monthly profit: $30 000.
Average monthly costs: $100 000.

Production figures:
Year of production launch: 2008.
Equipment capacity is 1 800 cubic meters per month or 21 600 thousand cubic meters of plywood per year.

FK plywood, 1 525 x 1 525, NSh from 4 to 24 millimeters and birch veneer.

Property, machines and equipment:
– Production building: 2 000 square meters.
– Warehouse building: 600 square meters (per 1 000 m3 of plywood). To produce this volume of products, about 5 000 m3 of birch ridges are purchased monthly. The entire volume of incoming raw materials is subject to additional incoming control for the content of radioactive substances. That’s why the company is called ECO phonera.
– Gantry crane for 10 tons.
– Swimming pools on 120 m3 of Birch Ridge.
– Automated bucking line from Prinz.
– Peeling line LUR 14-17 (possible veneer peeling length 1 250-1 650 millimeters).
– Crusher of the company – Fezer 45/70
– Drying line SRGM, ASTEK company.
– OSAMA S4R/P glue rollers.
– Press for making plywood.
– Edge gluing line MODEL CT-VCJ-H-6.

The production is operational and has an established customer base.

There are export contracts, there are birch suppliers in the Moscow and Vladimir regions.

The price for a building of 2 600 square meters, equipment and machines, working personnel, sales market and export contracts is 2 500 000 US dollars.

Experts from the “GeoBuro” company recommend purchasing your own raw material base and a balanced agro business, which will give stability to this enterprise.
We recommend this enterprise, which has 7 300 hectares of forest, of which 40% is birch HERE

Article about Karelian birch and other rare birch derivatives HERE


Property Description

The Vladimir region is located in the central part of the East European Plain. It borders on the Moscow, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, and Yaroslavl regions. Part of the Central Federal District. The administrative capital is the city of Vladimir.

White Temple on the Nerl River, on the outskirts of the city of Vladimir.

Russians make up 95.6% of the region’s population, Ukrainians – 0.9%, Tatars – 0.5%, Armenians – 0.5%, other nationalities – 2.5%.

Industry occupies a central place in the region’s economy. The share of manufacturing industries accounts for 30%. The region produces 100% of glass drinking vessels produced in Russia, 84% of fiberglass fabrics.

In agriculture, crop production is developed with a predominance of the production of vegetables, feed and special varieties of potatoes for further processing into chips. Horses of the famous Vladimir Heavy Truck breed are bred in the region.

The Vladimir region is famous for its preserved ancient Russian cities: Vladimir, Alexandrov (the capital of the guardsmen and Ivan the Terrible), Gorokhovets, Kideksha, Murom, Yuryev-Polsky, Gus-Khrustalny, their architectural, historical, cultural and religious monuments, the place of Orthodox pilgrimage – the city of Suzdal, a unique architectural and landscape monument – the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl in Bogolyubovo. The main part of the routes of the famous “Golden Ring” passes through the region.

Alexandrovskaya Sloboda (Kremlin of Ivan the Terrible, in the convent of the Kremlin the daughter of Peter the Great, Elizabeth, was imprisoned).

The city of Kirzhach in the Vladimir region of Russia. Administrative center of the Kirzhach district. Located 125 km west of Vladimir and 90 km from Moscow on the Kirzhach River (the left tributary of the Klyazma River). Railway station on the Alexandrov – Orekhovo-Zuevo line, part of the Big Ring of the Moscow Railway.

Holy Annunciation Convent in the city of Kirzhach.

The village on the Kirzhach River was first mentioned in 1328 in the will of Ivan Kalita.
The industrial complex of the city includes: the industrial technology park of engineering, climate systems and electronics “Rusklimat IKSel”, PJSC “KIZ”, which produces metalworking tools (lathe cutters with brazed carbide plates, slotting and cutting cutters, segment saws for metal and spare segments for him), PJSC “Kirzhach Furniture Factory”, which produces kitchen sets, JSC “Kirzhach Printing House”, specializing in the production of diplomas and certificates for universities, colleges and schools; PJSC “NPO “Nauka”, which produces aerospace products and fire-fighting equipment. The food industry is also developed (JSC “Kirzhach Dairy Plant” (production of dairy products, including butter and cheese), a cannery). The silk factory in 1992 broke up into small enterprise and ceased to exist. In 2006, the Turkish company Arçelik built a plant in the city to produce refrigerators, washing machines and televisions under the Beko brand.

The population of the city of Kirzhach is more than 27 000 people, the city has a container station, which gives this city good logistics for shipping its products both in the European part of Russia, as well as the ports of St. Petersburg and further to Europe or the port of Novoroisiysk and further to Asia, Africa and Europe.

Ancient streets of the city of Kirzhach.


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