For sale a large plot of land with a total area of 17 500 hectares or 43 750 acres in the Orenburg region. Together with the land, infrastructure and agricultural equipment are sold, everything is included in the total amount: $ 1 925 000

Property Complex:
1. Workshops (about 1,000 m²),
2. Garage (about 1,400 m², requires roof repair, earthen floor),
4. Warehouses (3 pieces – 400 + 500 + 800 m²),
5. Asphalt pad – current (about 3,000 m²)
6. Fenced area for hay (about 4 hectares)

There is permission to draw water from the Khobda and Ilek rivers under drip irrigation.

There is working equipment and attachments, as well as equipment for the primary processing of pumpkin seeds (requires an individual discussion of prices).

Agricultural machinery:

Harvester Vector of 2014 – 1 piece.
Harvester New Holland 2009 – 1 piece.
Small tractor MTZ-82 – 4 pieces.
Large tractor K-701 Kirovets – 2 pieces.
GAZ-53 truck (for transporting water) – 1 piece.
GAZ-53 truck (for transportation of diesel fuel) – 1 piece.
Truck ZIL-130 (with a manipulator for lifting goods) – 1 piece.
GAZ truck – 53 (for transportation of sand or concrete) – 1 piece.
Trucks (brand not specified) – 2 pieces.
Lathe – 1 piece.
Hydro hammer – 1 piece.
Gasoline generator – 1 piece.
Large drilling machine – 1 piece.
Small boring machine – 1 piece.
Blacksmith Horn – 1 piece.
Sharpening machine – 1 piece.

There is also machinery and equipment for an additional amount of $ 250,000.
A list is available upon request.

Additional information on the site:
The farm has three ponds formed as a result of melting snow.
Three warehouses can hold 25 000 tons of grain.
Oilseeds were grown on the farm:
– mustard
– safflower
– canola
The seller used the farm as an experimental one, sowing without the use of chemical fertilizers, grain quality – without weed. Constantly cultivated 10 000 hectares, 12 000 hectares fallow lands (pairs). This year, the land owner did not cultivate the land and put it up for sale. Having decided to concentrate on a 40 000 hectare farm in the Saratov Region.


Property Description

The Orenburg region is the birthplace of the Orenburg and Yaitsky Cossacks who mastered these steppes, the Ural River (formerly called the Yaik), where sturgeon species of fish were found, such as a thorn fish, which was almost gone.

Orenburg (Yaitsky) Cossacks after the capture of Khiva

This is the birthplace of not only courageous men – Cossacks, but also beautiful and hardworking women, incredible craftswomen, with their feather shawls they became famous all over the world. A lot of labor, patience, skill, zeal and imagination of Orenburg women was invested in these products. They transmit their skill from generation to generation. For the manufacture of the Orenburg downy scarf, down goats are scratched. The fluff is washed and scratched with ridges, making it soft and light as a cloud. Then a thin downy thread is spun on a spindle, a downy thread is woven with cotton or silk thread for strength. And only then does the knitting of the Orenburg down scarf begin.

Orenburg women with a scarf from the fluff of Orenburg goats

The Orenburg region is known to many as a limitless steppe region rich in wheat, natural gas, warm goat fluff, from which elegant downy cobwebs and scarves are knitted. The diversity of nature is rich and includes both forests and the steppes and even deserts.

Wheat harvesting in the fields of the Orenburg region

There are no berries in the Orenburg region. Tear off a blackberry from the bush, unusually fragrant, slightly sour, bring it home and sprinkle with sugar – there is nothing tastier in the world. A blackberry, closed in a jar, or simply stored for a long time with sugar, loses its unique aroma and taste, and if you do not try it, recently plucked from a bush, you will never know the true taste of a berry. Bird cherry is also unique. Ripe, unusually sweet, even dried in the sun, it does not lose its taste. Bird cherry grows on branched, low trees in the Orenburg region, more reminiscent of shrubs. A rep – it’s just a giant sweet currant, red, black or yellow, in bulk adorning shrubs.

Orenburg wild currant – REPIS

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