A livestock farm for breeding Saanen goats is for sale.

Land assets:
Land plot with a total area of ​​80 hectares, of which 29 hectares are owned, 15 hectares are long-term leases, 30 hectares are municipal land leases, a dairy plant is located on 5.9 hectares in the village. There is a possibility of purchasing shares and allocating land plots to expand production.
The breeding stock is 457 heads. Milking herd of 250 heads, replacement young animals 90 heads, young animals in 2020 -110 heads. Goats 7 heads.
The building of the goat’s house is a frame made of iron concrete, walls are insulated, a roof is made of pir-panels, plastic window panels, swing gates – 8 pcs. Area 54×25 = 1350 m2.
Automated milking parlor for 12 places – Parallel with strainer, dosing feed during milking, automatic system for flushing the parlor with various media.
Cooling tank 1.5 tons, cooling from the first drop (ethylene glycol) on strain gauges with an automatic flushing system.
Two feed belts with control panels with built-in supply and exhaust system, 42 meters long.
Two forced ventilation shafts on the roof, equipped with a frequency converter.
8 group drinkers.
Container warehouse 6 square meters.
Change house for security (container type).
Change house for a veterinarian (container type).
Lada VIS car refrigerator 2017 release.
Tractor MTZ – 80, cart 2PTS4 – 2 pieces, harrow 3 meters, pitchfork.
Platform scales for 120 kilograms.
Own artesian well has been completed, a license for the production of pure water has been obtained.
Milk processing shop 450 m2 (the project meets the state requirements of SANPiN).
Trademark – Belgorod farmer.
Land plot of 5.9 hectares, owned, the territory is fenced.
Production part of the workshop:
Polymer floors with a drainage system, sewer wells.
Milk factory building and equipment:
2-storey building, tiled floors, men’s and women’s zones
(showers, changing rooms), 2 toilets, laboratory, household rooms.
Milk intake is isolated from the workshop, milk is pumped
from the car to the cooling tank.
Cooling tank 2 tons on strain gauges.
Cooling tank 200 kg.
VAR 600 kilograms (individually designed control panels).
on strain gauges – 2 pieces.
VAR 100 kilograms.
VAR 50 kilograms.
Automatic line for filling and capping milk of 1,500 bottles.
Cooling chamber.
Kara (loader).
Milk pumps – 4 pieces, milk filters – 2 pieces.
Stainless steel table, baths for pickling (cheese and feta cheese) – 4 pieces.
Stainless steel racks for cheese production and storage.
Gazelle NEXT car refrigerator, extended base, HBO,
reinforced suspension 2017.
Tractor MTZ-82, 2017 release.
Discator 2.4 meters long.
Rake tedder 4.5 meters.
Mower conditioner KP-4.2 meters.
Hay baler Navigator 1.5 (the ability to bale with twine and net, bale weight about 500 kg).
Jaw pitchfork
Rotary mower
Refrigerated container (sea) 12 meters.

The farm made a net profit
In 2019 – more than $ 300,000 per year. For 6 months of 2020 – 360,000 US dollars.

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