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A large land plot for sale in Russia. The Astrakhan Region is 46 000 hectares (115 000 acres), consisting of three blocks of 11 000 hectares of arable land, 20 000 hectares of pasture, 15 000 hectares of water meadows near the Volga River. Waterlogged meadows give a good harvest of forage grasses, up to 8 000 heads of cattle can graze on a pasture, arable land can be used for growing crops, melons, soybeans or corn. The price of the entire block is 9 200 000 US dollars. The price of one hectare is 200 US dollars. The price of one acre is 80 US dollars. Land for sale in one array in one hand.


Property Description

The Astrakhan region is located in the southeastern part of the East European Plain, at the mouth of the Volga River, which, as you know, flows into the Caspian Sea. In the southeast, the Astrakhan region borders on Kalmykia, in the north with the Volgograd region, in the east with Kazakhstan.

Kazakhs living in the Astrakhan region
Kazakhs living in the Astrakhan region

In the Astrakhan region, more than a million people live. The ethnic composition in the Astrakhan region is dominated by Russians 62. In second place are Kazakhs (15%). In the third – Tatars (6%). The main city of the Astrakhan region is Astrakhan with a population of 5 030 000 people.

View of the center of Astrakhan

Dry, continental. Precipitation here is very small – about 200 mm per year. Cold air masses from the east bring frosty winters, with an average January temperature of −10 ° С. But sometimes a thermometer in the winter can show minus thirty below zero. In July, the average temperature is + 24 … 27 ° C, and the air is very dry.

Fishing on the great Russian river Volga

In the Astrakhan region, most of the agricultural products are sturgeon and black caviar. There are also many fish farms and fish farms in the region. And in the Astrakhan region the best watermelons in Russia grow, there are orchards, rice checks, vegetables and fruits are grown in the open ground.

Astrakhan watermelon


Additional description of the Astrakhan region at this link

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