Rabbit farm for sale in Russia – Kaluga region.

An automated rabbit farm is on sale. High-tech rabbit meat production plant. The main areas of work are industrial breeding of rabbits of European broiler breeds, as well as the production and sale of premium quality fresh rabbit meat. The breeding involves 1000 female rabbits of the Hiplus meat breed, the productive parent stock was purchased in France. The production uses high European technologies and Italian equipment of the Meneghin company, the world leader in the production of equipment for industrial rabbit breeding. 12 hectares of land with all communications are designed for the intended purpose, all permits are available, veterinary supervision, certification, supply contracts are scheduled several months in advance.

The company has at its disposal 120 hectares of agricultural land, on which ecologically clean raw materials are grown, which are used in the future for the preparation of high-quality combined feed, ideal for rabbits of European meat breeds. We also have all the necessary agricultural machinery.

The plans include the construction of its own high-tech feed workshop with a capacity of up to 40 tons of compound feed per month. In the future, the company plans to raise and sell up to 60,000 head of marketable rabbits per year.

In the month of August, you can receive $ 1.3 million in non-refundable subsidies, which must be spent on the development of a rabbit breeding company. The offer is valid until August 15, 2020.

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