Location: Russia, Krasnodar region, stanitsa Chernomorskaya
Asking Price Range: 350 000 U.S. dollars
Approx. Area: 4,2 hectares fenced area (10.5 acres) + 16 hectares (40 acres)
Real Estate: 300, 150, 150, 40 sq. m.
Description: Residential building (brick) 150 sq. m, built in 2013. 4 rooms, Underfloor heating, Central water supply, its transformer. On a plot of a pond, a well, a barn of 300 sq. m. farm buildings, a guest house of 40 sqm, garage for 4 cars with utility room of 150 sq. m.


Property Description

History reference.

In ancient times, the ancient Greeks founded colonies here. Adygean tribes settled here in the middle of the second millennium BC. In the Middle Ages, colonies of Genoese merchants were founded, maintaining links with the Adyg tribes. Later, the Turks were able to extend their influence to the Kuban.

The ancient Greek city of Fanogoria is located 25 km. from Taman in the village of Sennoy.

The Slavs first appeared here in the 10th century. The Russian city of Tmutarakan in the North Caucasus lasted until the Mongol-Tatar invasion. At the beginning of the 18th century, Old Believers-Nekrasov supporters of the Cossack leader Ignat Nekrasov settled in the Kuban. The systematic settlement of the Kuban by Russian subjects began after the victories of Russia in the wars with Turkey in the second half of the 18th century. Catherine II moved to the Kuban Zaparozh Cossack army. In the 19th century, Orthodox Greeks and Bulgarians were expelled from Turkey between Russia and Turkey, and Circassians practicing Islam from the North Caucasus. Adygi, one of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory. The ancestors of the Adyghe people constituted the most ancient population of the Caucasus, which, interacting with the neighboring nations, formed tribes of Ahea, kerketa, zikhs, Meotians, tornets, Sinds, who occupied the Black Sea coast of modern Krasnodar Territory at the end of the first millennium BC. At the beginning of the new era, here was located one of the oldest in the region of the States Sindika. Even the famous King Mithridates was afraid to pass through his territory, he had heard about the fearlessness and courage of the local warriors. Despite the feudal fragmentation that followed, the Circassians managed to maintain their independence from the Golden Horde, although their territories were subsequently plundered by Tamerlane.

Circassians are an ancient people.

The climate in the Krasnodar Territory over most of the territory is moderately continental, on the Black Sea coast south of Tuapse is subtropical. The ridges of the Greater Caucasus obscure the coast of the Black Sea from the cold winds, which determines the features of the subtropical climate. The territory of the region is divided by the Kuban River into two sharply different parts: the northern lowland and the southern mountainous. The flat zone of Prikubanskaya lowland occupies two thirds of the territory and is the most economically developed part. The southern zone is formed by systems of the ranges of the Western Caucasus, which are adjoined by a strip of foothills and a narrow ribbon of the Black Sea coast. Krasnodar Territory is located on the same geographical parallel with northern Italy and southern France. The winter temperature drops to -3 ° in the mountain plains to -6 °, near the sea + 7 °. The average summer temperature is + 24 °, in the mountain plains + 21 °, near the sea .. + 26 °. The annual amount of precipitation falls on average from 500 mm, on the Taman peninsula is about 600 mm, on the coasts of the Kuban region up to 3000 mm. The area is characterized by an average hot and dry summer. Winter is moderately mild and comfortable.

Sich city is in the tpopichesky zone.

Agriculture of Krasnodar Region.
More than 7,000 agro-enterprises with various forms of ownership operate in the Kuban. Of these, more than six hundred are large or medium-sized organizations. Employment in the agricultural sector is about 400 thousand people. The most common in the Kuban received such directions
cereal production;
production of industrial crops;
sugar production;
dairy industry.
The total area of ​​Kuban is more than 7.5 million hectares, of which 4.75 million hectares are occupied by agriculture. In Kuban, crop growing is dominant over livestock. They accounted for 67.33 and 32.67%, respectively. In crop production, the main specialization is the cultivation of grain crops. Among the technical types are dominated by sugar beet and sunflower. The priority is the cultivation of fodder crops. For example, green fodder, silage, corn. In the Kuban grow their own variety of rice bred in this area – Dubovsky-129. To increase the yield, it is necessary to use special agricultural techniques and artificial irrigation regime. Areas for sowing rice make up 3% of the total land area for growing crops.

Rice fields of the Krasnodar Territory.

The Kuban River is the largest in the Krasnodar Territory. Its length is 870 kilometers with a total area of 58 thousand square kilometers of the basin. But it is without tributaries. And if you add left-bank tributaries – Afips, Psekups, Belaya, Laba, Pshish and right-bank – Mara, Dzheguta, Bitter, then the total river network of the Kuban will be 9842 kilometers, more than 14 thousand large and small rivers flow into the deep and mighty Kuban.

The Kuban River is 870 kilometers long.

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