House size: 192 square meters
Land area: 0.35 hectares
Distance to the city: 190 kilometers from Moscow, and 38 kilometers from the city of Kaluga
Wall material: foam blocks
Kind of object: house in the village
Floors in the house: 2
Location: Kaluga region, village of Tomashovka.

Price for land and house – 57500 USD + 10% Commission (5750 of United States dollars) = 63250 USD.


Property Description

For sale house 2 storey 192 square meters with furniture on a plot of 0.35 hectares, 190 km from Moscow, and 38 kilimeters from Kaluga. In the Kaluga region, Babyninsky district, the village of Domashovka.
The house is built 6 years ago, from the gas block (very warm), 4 bedrooms on the second floor, on the third floor one large room,on the ground floor a large living room, large kitchen and large bathroom with all amenities (shower, boller, toilet, washbasin), large entrance hall, large terrace 4*5 meters,balcony, Russian bath 3*6 meters with lounge,well, septic tank, Sewerage, gas at the border, gazebo 5*3 meters, everywhere paths, lawns, peremitru fence height of 2 meters, good entrance – asphalt, house and bath is on 0.15 hectares and a garden of 0.20 hectares, the earth is black soil, a good warm house, inside repair, furniture. The house is 9*8 meters. Near the city of Kaluga, Babynino, the Meshchovsk, Succinic, close to 2 lakes and a river where you can fish, in the forest berries, mushrooms and can be to hunt.

Kaluga region, which is part of the Central Federal district, is located South-West of Moscow
and even borders, with its capital after it was annexed to the Novomoskovsky and Troitsky administrative area.

In Kaluga region there are many major rivers — the Oka, the Ugra, the Zhizdra, and the Bolva. More than 2000 rivers flow through the region.  In the Kaluga region there are protected areas — “Kaluga Zaseki” and the national Park “Ugra”. Kaluga region is home to more than 1 million people, and the population density is very low for one of the Central regions — 34 people per square kilometer. Female population here a bit prevails — 54% against 46% male.In Kaluga, the city of the district scale is home to 330 000 people.

Kaluga city with a population of 330 000 people.

The climate of Kaluga region is moderately continental. Summer is moderately humid and warm: the average temperature in July is +19-24°C. Winter is mild and snowy. The average temperature in January is -5°C. the annual Rainfall is quite a lot of 600-700 mm.
In 2006, the formation of Grabtsevo Technopark was started on the territory of Kaluga. Volkswagen cars have already been launched there, and Volvo and Mitsubishi plants are being built in the suburbs of Kaluga.

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