Price: 500000$

Owned Area: 300 hectares (750 acres)

Rent Area: 0 hectares

Location: Russia

Region: Pskov region, Pushkinogorsky district

Residential real estate: 81 meter house with 1 acres of land

Production area: 2615 square meters

Cellarage: 980 square meters

Water: artesian well depth 50 meters + lake 5 hectares

Electricity: electrical substation

Road: asphalt entrance

Animals: sheep 800 head of breeding stock. Romanov and katum breed of sheep

Agricultural machinery: Yes (list on request)

Taxes: land tax is 0.3%.


Property Description

The Pushkinskiye Gory place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world, where is the grave of the great Russian poet and writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. The farm land is 300 hectares (750 acres). On the outskirts of the land flows a river called the Great.
The farm consists of a complex of farms and warehouses designed for the development of animal husbandry.
The farm is equipped for the breeding of sheep. They can also be used for breeding cattle, pigs, horses. Sheep Romanov and kushum breed. Veterinary doctors are regularly examined. All sheep are completely healthy.
There are production facilities to increase the number of herds to 5000 heads.

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