A mini flour mill (flour mill) for sale in the Penza region.

The property complex of the enterprise includes:
– Two land plots with a total area of ​​3.15 hectares (2.35 + 0.8 hectares adjacent plots).
– Mill + warehouse for finished products 2500 square meters. Fine Turkish hardware purchased in 2013. Productivity up to 55 tons / day for grain. The equipment is configured for two-grade grinding of wheat – Superior and First grade, if desired, it can be configured to produce two types of flour (wheat and rye).
Banks for storage of flour 6 pieces for 260 tons, shipment is made directly to the flour truck.
– Warehouses: 3 working warehouses of 1200 square meters (capacity up to 3000 tons of grain each) + two non-working warehouses, roof and floor repairs of 1200 square meters are required. There is a place for the installation of vertical silos.
– Railroad tracks – 130 meters with weights, tracks are owned.
– Own electrical substation (TP) for 630 kW + reserve electricity for 400 kW (for conservation). Direct contracts for electricity, gas, water and sewerage with supplying organizations.
– Grain drying – loading up to 60 tons.
– Administrative building of 150 square meters – 3 floors, on the ground floor – its own boiler room and a certified laboratory with a full set of certified equipment.
– Auxiliary premises: diesel power station, garage, boiler room, checkpoint, locksmith workshops. The total area is over 1000 square meters.
– Auto-scales up to 60 tons.
– Plenty of parking space.

Enterprise activities:
– production and sale of flour and by-products
– production and sale of granulated feed (new line with a capacity of 1.5 tons / hour)
– services for storage, acceptance-shipment, drying, processing crops
– processing and storage of customer-supplied raw materials

Fully staffed staff. Own vehicle fleet (grain truck, tractor with flour truck, new JCB frontal loader, 3 cars). Own trade mark. All property: land, buildings, equipment and railway track, owned by an individual.

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