Dairy farm in the Novgorod region with a total area of 1400 hectares or 3,500 acres. There are 40 heads of cattle in the barn. In the sty at feeding is 60 pigs. The farm has a milk processing plant with a capacity of up to 5 tons of dairy and dairy products per day. On the territory of the dairy plant is technological equipment for the production of dairy products and packaging line of finished products, all in working order, as the production works and brings a monthly profit of 45 000 to 50 000 us dollars. Also on the farm there is a technological line for the production of sausage. In addition, the farm has a vegetable store for 1000 tons. The whole territory of the farm and land has access roads, that the farm is – city sewer, gas, electricity, water, workshops and a garage for repair and storage of vehicles, as well as its own gas station for refueling agricultural machinery.

The price of the whole farm complex is 950 000 us dollars. The return on investment is less than two years.

Our group of companies includes different divisions:
1. Business broker – will select for you the desired land plot or profitable enterprise and will help to conduct a transaction for its purchase.
2. A law firm that will help you obtain a residence permit and then obtain citizenship. Our land and construction lawyers will help you to obtain a building permit and will provide you with any legal assistance and support.
3. Our management company can manage your business in Russia. Then you will not need to be permanently in Russia, you will be able to earn income by living at home.
4. Our recruitment Agency will help you to choose for you the personnel from the maid and the driver to the accountant and the agronomist.
5. Our construction company will help you to design and build – Ranch, Farm, Villa, Chateau or any other object on your request.


Property Description

Novgorod region is one of the oldest regions of Russia with a population of more than 600 000 people. Veliky Novgorod was founded in the 8th century and in 1136 became the first free Republic on the territory of feudal Russia. Now Novgorod has more than 200 000 inhabitants.

Veliky Novgorod

Novgorod region is located in the North-West of the East European plain. In Novgorod oblast are dominated by sod-podzolic soil, sometimes boggy. Sod-carbonate soils are formed on carbonate moraine, alluvial soils are developed along river valleys.

The climate in the Novgorod region is predominantly temperate continental. Winters are long and moderately cold. The average temperature in winter ranges from -3 to -9 degrees. Summer is short and moderately warm. In summer, the average temperature is from 16 to 19 degrees.

Elk in the forest.

60% is the share of livestock. Agricultural land is a little more than 9% of the territory of the region, of which arable land is more than 50%. Grow: forage crops 82%, potatoes and vegetables 11%, grain 7%. The main specialization of animal husbandry – pig and poultry.

Novgorod the field with the cows.

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