6 ponds for sale in the Vladimir region, with a total area of ​​25.5 hectares.

Pond No. 1: feeding. Area 11 hectares. Depth 1.6 m.
Pond number 2: rearing. Area 4 hectares. Depth 1.6 m.
Pond No. 3: feeding. Area 8 hectares. Depth 1.7 m.
Pond number 4: for paid fishing. Area 1 ha. Depth 1.7 m.
Pond # 5: not working. Area 0.5 hectares. Depth 1.5 m (requires repair and cleaning).
Pond No. 6: wintering. Area 1 ha. Depth 2.5-3 m (used for wintering fry).

In ponds No. 1; 4; 6 fish can overwinter (checked, ponds do not freeze, there is a constant exchange of water). All ponds have locks and the ability to discharge water into the river.

Water intake also comes from the river through the water intake canal (except for pond No. 3, it is filled with melt water and springs, when all the water is discharged in autumn, in spring it is full again).

Ponds and land are owned by the LLC, there is also a warehouse for storing compound feed with an area of ​​100 sq. the road to the ponds is asphalted, there is electricity.

If in ponds No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 to grow marketable carp at a stocking rate of 2-2.3 thousand, one hectare can get 2 tons from 1 hectare – 40-45 tons of marketable carp.
If you grow carp fry in these ponds, you can take from 1 hectare to 2.5 tons of fry weighing 70-100 grams or 50-55 tons of fry.
In ponds No. 6 and No. 4 it can winter 10-15 tons of fish in each.
In pond No. 1, there was an experience of waste-free wintering of 30 tons of commercial carp.

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