Greenhouse for sale in Russia – Ryazan region

Price: 800 000$
Owned Area: 5,8 hectares (15,5 acres)
Rent Area: 0 hectares
Location: Russia
Region: Ryazan region, the village Alekanovo
Residential real estate: 0
Production area: 3 360 square meters
Water: artesian well depth 50 meters
Electricity: 65 kW electrical substation
Road: asphalt entrance
Agricultural machinery: Yes (list on request)
Taxes: general form of the simplified tax system – simplified 15%

Possible increase in production capacity – greenhouses from 0.34 hectares to 4.5 hectares.

Hothouse complex – for year-round cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses.
Land plot with a total area of ​​5.8 hectares.
Access roads: close proximity to the Ryazan-Spassk highway.
Production capacity of the enterprise of the greenhouse complex put into operation: 140 tons of vegetables per year.
According to the initial project, it involves the construction of greenhouses with a total area of ​​4.5 hectares. For this purpose, the soil was laid out and elevated, a high pressure gas pipeline was supplied with an agreed gas transportation volume for the boiler house of 18 mW, providing the full design capacity of the complex of 4.5 hectares, electricity supply communications (TP in the territory) were completed, the facility is also equipped with a water supply system. Accordingly, the site is fully prepared for the construction of greenhouses. The first stage of the year-round greenhouse complex with an area of ​​3 360 m2 was put into operation.
The greenhouse complex is 3 360 square meters, the boiler building is 70 square meters.
Boiler equipment with gas boilers Buderus – 2 pcs. Of 0.6 MW each, boilers for heating irrigation water Buderus Logano – 2 pcs., Tanks for storing irrigation water 15 ubic meters, drip irrigation system with FITO mortar unit with a capacity of 8 cubic meters and water-compensated Netafim 3 droppers liters per hour, climate control system with sensors for temperature, humidity, the arrival of solar radiation, a system for additional lighting of seedlings with DNAZ REFLAX lamps. Video surveillance system. Diesel generator.
The number of employees is 7 people, including. main specialists 1 person, greenhouses 4 people, boiler house operators 2 people. Payroll Fund: $ 5 000 per month.
Electric transformer substation in the territory. High pressure gas pipeline with an agreed gas supply volume for a boiler power of up to 18 MW. Gas distribution cabinet of medium pressure on the territory. Water is its own well 50 meters deep. An electricity agreement was concluded with IDGC of Center and Volga Region, PJSC, a gas agreement with Gazprom Mezhregiongaz LLC.
In 2018, 144 tons of cucumbers and 12 tons of green onions were produced. For a total of 150 000 US dollars. Net income was $ 89 000. The company does not have bank loans and tax debts and employees.

The price of the entire object: 800 000 US dollars.

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Property Description

The Ryazan Region is located in the western part of the country and is part of the Central Federal District.

Area: 39 605 km², the population of the Ryazan region is more than 1 million 100,000 people.

Coat of arms of the Ryazan region
Coat of arms of the Ryazan region

Administrative center: the city of Ryazan, with a population of 535 000 according to the 2021 census.

City of Ryazan
City of Ryazan

The Ryazan region borders in the north with the Vladimir region, in the northeast with the Nizhny Novgorod region, in the east with the Republic of Mordovia, in the southeast with the Penza region, in the south with the Tambov and Lipetsk regions, in the west with the Tula region and in the northwest – with the Moscow region.

Map of the Ryazan region
Map of the Ryazan region

The city of Ryazan (until 1778 – Pereyaslavl-Ryazansky) is a city in Russia, the administrative center of the Ryazan region and the Ryazan municipal district. From the 13th to the 16th centuries it was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Ryazan. It is one of the thirty largest cities in Russia.

Ryazan Kremlin
Ryazan Kremlin

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