The price is $9 990 000. Partial payment for a farm outside Russia is possible. The price is valid until September 1, 2022.

A new fully computerized and mechanized dairy farm is on sale in the Novgorod region (milking equipment – parallel 2×24 manufactured by GEA – Germany, with milk cooling in the flow to 2 ° C, customs cleared and packed in a warehouse). The farm was built according to the best European standards. The farm has a land bank of 8 200 hectares of well-groomed and fertile land, which yield 3-4 mows of forage grasses or up to 300 tons of green mass per hectare. The farm has more than 30 units of agricultural machinery with all the necessary suspended equipment for harvesting forage grasses and forming large volumes of hay and silage.

The farm’s capacity is 1 200 heads of cattle, the farm was built according to the project in accordance with the State requirements of SNiP “Livestock, poultry and fur-raising buildings and premises”.

The production area consists of:
– 2 cowsheds with 600 heads each;
– the building of the milking parlor and maternity ward;
– the building of young animals and heifers.

The farm building is completely collapsible, made of galvanized metal, three-layer metal panels with insulation made of polyisocyanurate foam. Automatic opening of windows is used to ventilate the premises. The cowsheds are equipped with LED lamps that save up to 50% energy. Stall equipment is installed in the barns.

The modern farm includes:

Land assets.

The actual land asset of the farm is more than 8 200 hectares, of which 4 000 hectares are cultivated:
For sowing cereals – 1 000 hectares (average wheat yield 35 c/ha or 3.5 tons per hectare),
Under perennial grasses – more than 2 000 hectares (yield up to 300 c/ha of green mass or 30 tons of dry hay),
Under annual cereals – more than 1 000 hectares (yield up to 200 c/ha of green mass or 22 tons of dry hay).

At the moment, the farm employs 20 people, the total number of personnel required to service the farm at full load is 60 people. Now the farm has no cows, so the staff is not staffed. The farm makes money by producing hay and selling it to nearby livestock farms.

Milk farm.
In the northern part of the site there is a dairy farm owned by the company. The dimensions of the maternity ward are 33*91 meters, the dimensions of 3 cowsheds, as well as the maternity ward, are 33*91 meters. The farm has 7 silo pits with a capacity of 3 000 tons each, the farm has 3 covered hangars for storing hay. 2 granaries, 3 manure storage. The farm has its own asphalt road – 5 kilometers. 3 cowsheds allow keeping 1 200 cows, receiving 12 000 tons of milk per year, which is about 5 million US dollars. When the farm is launched at full capacity, it is possible to receive government subsidies of approximately $ 2 100 for each cow’s head or $ 2 520 000.

The farm is located in the Novgorod region, practically on the border with the Leningrad region. The distance to the ancient Russian city of Veliky Novgorod is 73 kilometers, to the city of St. Petersburg 120 kilometers, to the capital of Russia, Moscow – 580 kilometers, to the ancient Russian city of Pskov – 303 kilometers, to the city of Tver – 416 kilometers. The population of the city of Chudovo is 15 000 people.


Previously, the plant processed up to 100 tons of milk per day, produced cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream and other dairy products. At the moment, the work of the plant has been stopped, the equipment has been dismantled. There is a good German refrigeration plant, a two-storey building with a total area of ​​980 square meters, the land area on which the plant is located is 2.2 hectares, the entrance (security building) is 14 square meters, a 480 kW transformer substation, water, sanitary zone and the possibility build a new plant without a building permit and put it into operation as part of the reconstruction.

Park of special equipment and buildings.

At present, the company’s vehicle fleet consists of more than 30 units of equipment that allow cultivating the land and collecting the required amount of feed for crops and grasses. Below is the entire vehicle fleet and property complex of the farm and dairy plant.

Below is the entire vehicle fleet and property complex of the farm and dairy plant.

GAZ car 32213
GAZ 32213 car (13 seats) bus
Dump truck KAMAZ 55102
GAZ-2752 car
Truck GAZ-3307
Truck UAZ-390994
Car Chevrolet Niva 212300-55
Passenger car UAZ-31519
UAZ-39099 car
Bagem 27851 van truck
Combined wide-grip unit AKSH-6-02 (with a knife harrow)
Fuel module ТМ-20 (2)
Forage harvester E281 “MARAL-125”
Forage harvester Maral 125 E-281
Forage harvester Jaguar 830
Combine trailed shredder FCT-1050 MD
Mower KDT 260
Disc mower KDT 300
Trailed mower conditioner KUHN FC
Mower Trailed disc conditioner EASYCut 3200CV Krone
Trailed mower GMS-3202 Flex with a trinsporter
Cultivator KBM-8P universal
Cultivator KRN-5,6 with top dressing
Peugeot car
Tractor Belarus-1221.2 (53 NU 4603)
Tractor Belarus-1221.2 2012
Tractor Belarus-1221.2 2012 (53 NU 2698)
Tractor MTZ-1221 2010 (6417 NU 53)
Tractor ATM 5280 2014 PSM BE 709854 (53 NU 2696)
Tractor ATM 5280 PSM BE 237908
Tractor ATM 5280 PSM BE 237918
Tractor ATM 7360 2014 PSM BE 709875 (53 NU 2694)
Tractor Belarus 82.1 2009 CA 356522 No. 53 NU 2654
Tractor Belarus-1025 2008y.v. (53 NU 2627)
Tractor Belarus-82.1 2001 CA 119978 (53NU 2631)
Tractor Belarus-82.1 2013 (53 NU 4602)
Tractor Belarus-921.3 (53 NU 4605)
Tractor DT-75 DE-PC2 without PTO (53 NU 2648)
Tractor DT-75 DERS2 bul.p / o
Tractor DT-75 DERS4 bul.p / o 2008 (53 NU 2628)
Wheel tractor Belarus 82.1 2004gv (53 NU 2612)
Wheel tractor MTZ-82 1990 (53 NU 2632)
Wheel tractor MTZ-82 2001 (53NU 2630)
Wheel tractor MTZ-82.1 2001g.v (53 NN 7299)
tractor loader P-4-85
Tractor KhTZ-150K-09 2007 year (53 NU 2629)
Rammer 270 ETSN-5 00 000
Powerful stubble harrow “KAMA 12”
Disk harrow Pallada BDP 6000
Disc harrow Rubin 9/00 U
Heavy disk harrow BDT-5-36F “Vepr”
Tedder Kverneland Faner 763
Rake GVR-6R
Rake-tedders tractor trailed KWT KRONE
Rake-tedders tractor trailed WARDO 1401
Rake-tedders GVR
Rotary rake-tedders GVR-6
Bale grab
Grass header SH42
Grass header E296
Loader of seeders ZSNP “PTS”
Roll shredder RIDD 807
Leveling bucket (rotary) Professional SPB-15.20 Komatsu PC 220-8
Self-loading bale wrapper OPC-2
Semi-trailed boom sprayer OP-3000 (Bulgar) 24 meters with board. computer mixer-mix.
Reversible plow PPO-4 + 1-KZ
Tractor plow, 7-body, 2-sided, mounted 1985, GREGOIRE-RESSON
Wet grain conditioner ROmiLL CPI SIMPLE
Frontal loader “Amkador” -342V
Frontal loader T-229
Semi-trailer with pre-pressing
PSZh-6.5 tipper semi-trailer for liquid fractions
PSZh-6.5 tipper semi-trailer for liquid fractions
Tractor dump semi-trailer PTS-15
Tractor dump semi-trailer PTS-15
Tractor dump semi-trailer PTS-15
Tractor dump semi-trailer PTS-9
Baler tractor CLASS ROLLANT
Baler tractor CLASS ROLLANT
Baler tractor CLASS ROLLANT
Trailer PSE-12.5
Tractor trailer 2PTS-4
Tractor trailer 2PTS-4.5
Tractor trailer ZPPT-8.9
Tractor dump trailer 2PTS-6
Tank trailer 450 liters
Tank trailer 450 liters
Tank trailer 450 liters
Tank trailer 700 liters
Seeder SPU-6D
Seeder SPU-8-02 (fan)
Fertilizer spreader PRT-11
Administrative building – 195 square meters.
Garage – 140 square meters.
Office building on 2 floors – 486 square meters.
Cowshed building # 1 – 2 189 square meters.
Cowshed building # 2 – 2 555 square meters.
The cowshed building is 1 695 square meters.
Mechanical workshop building – 200 square meters.
Dairy plant, 2-storey building – 980 square meters.
Entrance building (territory of the dairy plant) – 14 square meters.
The entrance building is 52 square meters.
The building of the locksmith shop (the territory of the dairy plant) – 197 square meters.
Battery shop buildings – 1 266 square meters.
Grain warehouse – 700 square meters.
Granary 1
Granary 2
The club is 794 square meters.
Shop – 107 square meters.
The AVM building is 370 square meters.
Heating system
Liquid cooling system
Cattle fixation machine
Milk cooling unit UOM ZT-10 000 NERENTA
Refrigeration tank DH / CE 5 000
Refrigeration tank РХ / ОВ 1 800
Gasoline welder power station, open GEKO S6 400 Tiseman
Poultry house number 1 – 1 470 square meters.
Poultry house number 11 – 1 524 square meters.
Poultry house number 13 – 1 542 square meters.
Poultry house number 14 – 1 506 square meters.
Poultry house number 15 – 1 318 square meters.
Poultry house number 3 – 1 118 square meters.
Poultry house number 5 – 1 487 square meters.
Poultry house No. 6 – 1 422 square meters, reconstructed into a calf barn – 1 050 square meters.
Poultry house No. 7 – 1 454 square meters, reconstructed into a pigsty – 1 060 square meters.
Pigsty number 1 – 500 square meters.
Pigsty number 2 – 680 square meters.
Pigsty number 3 – 420 square meters.
Pigsty number 4 – 1 530 square meters.
Pigsty number 5 – 1 343 square meters.
Pigsty number 6 – 1 563 square meters.
Seed storage – 767 square meters.
Egg warehouse – 229 square meters.
Silage trench, 600 tons, with an area of ​​812 square meters.
Silage pit 1
Silage pit 2
Silo facilities for 300 tons, with an area of ​​139 square meters.
Silo facilities for 300 tons, with an area of ​​15 square meters.
Silo facilities for 400 tons, with an area of ​​255 square meters.
Silo facilities for 400 tons, with an area of ​​257 square meters.
Silo facilities for 400 tons, with an area of ​​502 square meters.
Silo facilities for 400 tons, with an area of ​​649 square meters.
The calf house is 776 square meters.
The calf barn is 625 square meters.
Slaughterhouse (abattoir) – 200 square meters.
You can read about the hay business HERE

Property Description

The Novgorod region is one of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Located in the North-West of the European part of the country. The region is part of the Northwestern Federal District. The capital of the region is the city of Veliky Novgorod.
The area of ​​the region is 55 000 Km². The length of the region’s territory from west to east is 385 kilometers, from north to south – 280 kilometers. The Novgorod region borders on the Pskov region in the west and southwest, the Tver region in the south and southeast, the Leningrad region in the north and northwest, and the Vologda region in the northeast. The population of the Novgorod region is about 600 000 people, as of mid-2020. More than 223 000 people live in Veliky Novgorod.

Bird’s eye view of Veliky Novgorod

More than a thousand rivers flow through the region, more than 800 lakes are located. Almost the entire territory of the Novgorod region is located within the Ilmensk-Volkhov basin, a small northeastern part belongs to the basin of the Mologa River, a tributary of the Volga River, and the Western part – to the upper reaches of the Luga River.
The Novgorod region has a temperate continental cyclonic climate and is part of the temperate continental zone of the Atlantic Ocean, which is characterized by features of both maritime and continental climates.
The main features of the climate and weather of the region are determined by its geographic location in the Northwest, 400 km from the Baltic Sea. The climate is characterized by a moderate amount of heat, excess moisture, four seasons – short cool summers, long warm autumn, mild winters with thaws and cool long springs.

Veliky Novgorod city center

The town of Chudovo with a population of 14 000.

Railway station of the city of Chudovo

Average temperature of the coldest month – January: -8 ~ -11 ° C, the warmest – July: +17 ~ + 19 ° C.
Annual precipitation is 600–800 mm. The snow cover lasts 120-150 days, its thickness increases from the southwest to the northeast from 25 to 50 centimeters.
The territory of the region is divided into two subregions: southern taiga and mixed forests. As of 2020. a network of 130 specially protected natural areas with an area of 400,000 hectares in the Novgorod region is equal to 7.5% of the total area of the region.

Traditionally, it is believed that in the 6th century the tribes of the Slavs – Krivichi came to this territory, and in the 8th century, in the process of settling the Slavs of the East European Plain, the tribe of Ilmen Slovenes came. The Finno-Ugric tribes lived in the same territory, leaving their memory in the names of numerous rivers and lakes.
From 882-1136 – as part of Kievan Rus;
1 136-1 478 – as part of the Novgorod Republic;
in 1 478 the Novgorod land was subordinated to the Moscow principality.

Temple in the city of Staraya Russa

The natural conditions of the Novgorod region make it possible to grow the main regionalized agricultural crops – cereals, legumes, forage crops, as well as potatoes, vegetables and perennial grasses.
There are more than 600 000 hectares of agricultural land in the Novgorod region, of which 430 000 hectares are arable land. 135 agricultural organizations of various organizational and legal forms, 800 peasant farms, almost 200 000 private subsidiary plots operate in the region.
The Novgorod Region is one of the largest producers of potatoes, vegetables, eggs, milk and meat in the Northwest. In 2019, the production of agricultural products in farms of all categories amounted to USD 600 000 000.
The leading branch of agriculture is animal husbandry. The main directions are dairy and beef cattle breeding, pig breeding and poultry farming.
In plant growing, the region’s farms specialize in growing grain and leguminous crops for feed, potatoes, vegetables, flax, and forage crops. A pedigree base and a seed-growing system are developed in the region. There are 10 breeding reproducers, including 2 for beef cattle breeding, 2 for pig breeding and 6 for dairy cattle breeding. There are 7 seed farms, 5 of which are engaged in the production of potato seeds, 2 – in the production of grain crops. The region is fully supplied with high quality potato and grain seeds. One of the region’s achievements is the meristem technology for growing virus-free potato material.

Flax fields in the Novgorod region

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