Price: 3.200.000$
Owned Area: 4,38 hectares (11 acres)
Rent Area: 0 hectares
Location: Russia
Region: Samara region
Residential real estate: 0
Production area: 5500 square meters
Cellarage: 1650 square meters
Water: 2 water towers, water management, wells
Electricity: electrical substation
Road: asphalt entrance
Animals: 5250 pigs
Agricultural machinery: Yes (list on request)


Property Description

1. Production building 2748 m², iron-concrete frame, brick walls (made by German technology), roof sandwich panels. Laboratory, boars
2. Production building 2726 m², iron concrete frame, brick walls (made by German technology), roof sandwich panels. Feeding sectors and office space
3. Feed mill mini-plant. Production of Italy-Russia, 500 m²
4. Consumable grain warehouse, 900 tons
5. The building of the checkpoint with a sanitary inspection room (250 m²), showers, changing rooms, and laundry
6. Administrative and industrial building 1561 m², iron-concrete frame, brick walls (made by German technology), roof sandwich panels 1st floor: dining room, showers, laundry, changing rooms – 300 m². 2nd floor: office space 240 m²
7. Slaughterhouse with cattle. Equipment with the possibility of slaughter of cattle 30 heads per day, pigs 80 goals per day, with a slaughter, processing, transportation, weighing system. Refrigerators for carcasses and offal. Equipment – Denmark
8. Cutting shop, sausage shop, frying and smoking shop
9. Warehouse – 2 freezers of 20 tons each with a loading ramp Equipment of Russia, Denmark
10. Entrance building – 28 m²
11. Security shift building – 60m²
12. Aviaries for service dogs
13. RMM building with a mechanical workshop – 1300 m²
14. Long-term grain warehouse for 800 tons
15. Boxes for equipment, paved parking
16. Oil shop
17. 2 water towers, water management, wells
18. Consumption granary for 900 tons
19. Grain warehouse long-term storage of 800 tons

Gas and alternative heating. Power stations – own 10 kV power transmission lines 11 km, 0.4 kV power transmission lines 2 km, transformer substations – 2 units of 400 Kva each, 1 unit of 250 Kva each.
Asphalt access roads. Underground manure disposal system.
CCTV system throughout the complex. Boiler rooms with a water treatment system.
The fence is continuous around the perimeter. Outdoor lighting.
The number of employees is 43 people. The staff is fully staffed

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