For sale agricultural fields overgrown with forest by 50-90%. Forest-birch 50%, aspen 30% pine 20%. Forest age 18-22 years.
The new owner is obliged to cut down the forest within three years from the date of purchase. And bring the amount of forest to no more than 30% of the area.


Property Description

Tver region is one of the twenty most forested regions of Russia. 55% of the region’s territory is occupied by forests, which are the most important natural, economic potential and the most important stabilizing component of the region’s environment.

The region occupies the 1st place in the area of forests and the 2nd place in the possible volume of timber harvesting among the subjects of the Russian Federation of the Central Federal district. The area of lands of forest Fund across the Tver region makes 4873,8 thousand hectares, including forest lands-4529,1 thousand hectares, from them covered with the wood-4412,2,0 thousand hectares. the Total stock of wood makes 731,02 million cubic meters.

Forest area in its individual parts varies. The most wooded areas are the North-Western and Northern regions of the region (Ostashkovsky, Firovsky, Lesnoy, Sandovsky, vyshnevolotsky, Maksatikhinsky), in which forests occupy from 30 to 50% of the area. The heavily deforested area occupies the Eastern part of the region, where only about 10% of the area is covered by forests. An even more deforested part is the Rzhev-Staritsky Volga region.

The distribution of different types of forests in the region is very uneven, which is associated with different natural conditions and human economic activity. Most of the territory of the region lies in the zone of mixed forests.

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