A ranch with a total area of ​​274 hectares (685 acres) is for sale, all plots are located in the Tver region. The nearest large settlement is located 30 kilometers from the town of Selizharovo. About 5 kilometers away is a village where there is a store and where the bus goes to the city. To the city of Rzhev by car about 1 hour drive. Near the river and quarry. You can go hunting, fishing or picking wild berries and mushrooms.

In total we sell 10 plots, a total area of ​​274 Hectares.
5 plots for individual housing construction (settlement), 1 plot personal subsidiary farming (farm construction) and 4 agricultural plots (fields).
All plots are owned, the plots have electricity, hot and cold water supply. Nearby there is a power line. The plots are surrounded by a fence, there is also a central entrance.
On the plots there is a fully-equipped Russian bathhouse, a house – a gazebo for 15 people with a stove and all equipment, a garage for 3 cars and an aviary with a dog.
There is a house for workers where he lives (3 people-workers). On the sites: chicken coops, poultry houses, lamb, a barn, a pen for livestock, 3 greenhouses, a cheese factory, a two-story house fully equipped, an aviary for dogs with Alabai. There are also firewood and warehouses. Nearby is another large house, fully finished and equipped with an attic. From technology there is a mini tractor with all attachments and a trailer.
From animals: 2 dogs of the Alabai breed, 33 rams (these are all sheep, sheep, lambs), about 50 chickens, 2 turkeys, 1 ostrich). The price for everything is 350,000 US dollars.

I will send more photos on request.

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