View of the house from the outside

The house was built in 2012 from brick, has 4 rooms, 150 meters, the surrounding area is 1500 meters.

2 bedrooms (on the second floor)
2 bathrooms
balcony with mountain view
spacious kitchen
living room
fireplace between kitchen and living room
boiler room

Heating: first floor – warm floors, second – radiators.
In the yard there are: a two-story workshop, a carport for two cars, a gazebo with a barbecue area, a Finnish sauna, a storage room,
a shed with beds and a permanent chicken coop with a fenced area.
The workshop is on a permanent foundation, the floor is concrete, poured to a level, if desired, it can be converted into a guest house.
The bathhouse and chicken coop have their own well. The bathhouse is decorated with stone, the steam room is made of wood, the sink has tiles and stone.
A garden has been planted on the property. Raspberries, currants, gooseberries, and yoshta grow. Several apple trees, cherries, cherry plums, apricots, peaches,
cherries, plums, pears, chokeberries, viburnum, hazelnuts, walnuts. Grapes – four vines of different grape varieties.
There is a children’s playground with space for a swimming pool, a hammock, and a decorative pond. The paths in the garden are concreted.
The house has gas, electricity, water – a well (located in the basement of the house), sewerage – a double septic tank.
There are three air conditioners, two satellite television antennas.

Price: 135 000 US dollars (without bargaining, the price includes the commission of a realtor and a lawyer).


Property Description

Krasnodar Territory (unofficial name – Kuban) is a subject of the Russian Federation located in the southwest of Russia. It is part of the Southern Federal District. It borders with the Rostov region, Stavropol Territory, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea and Abkhazia. By sea through the Kerch Strait it borders with Crimea.

The administrative center is the city of Krasnodar (with a population of 1 150 000 people). The population of the Krasnodar Territory is approaching 6 million people.

The village Psebay is located on the left bank of the Malaya Laba River, along the mountain valley of which it stretches for 12 km. It is located on the opposite bank – the village of Andryuki, 27 km south of the regional center of the village of Mostovskoy and 230 km southeast of the city of Krasnodar.
It is the terminal station of the railway line from the city of Kurganinsk. The narrow gauge railway leading to the village of Kurdzhinovo was closed in the 1980s. The nearest settlements are the village of Shedok in the north, the village of Andryuki in the east opposite Psebay on the other side of the river, the village of Solenoye in the southeast and the village of Perevalka in the south, surrounded by the Caucasus mountains.

The climate is mild and temperate, with warm summers and mild winters. The average annual air temperature is positive and is about +12°C. The average monthly air temperature in July reaches +20°C and during the day reaches a temperature of +35. The average monthly temperature in January is about +3°C. The average annual precipitation is about 1000 millimeters. The bulk of precipitation falls in the spring in the form of rain. The village is home to 10 500 residents; the ethnic composition is 85% Russian.

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